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Making a screensaver

snoffy asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I'm making a screensaver.

1. When choosing screensaver in the Win95 controlpanel, the screensaver is started with the commandline "/p 644", the number changes and I think this is the handle of the controlpanel window. And I think it wants the screensaver to show a preview in the picturebox. Am i right?? If so, how?? (Examples please)

2. How do I make my screensaver use the password stated in the controlpanel/screensaver/password?? (examples please)

Maybe someone even has a screensaver example that implements the above functions, that I could take a lok at?

Need help! // Anders Schrewelius
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I don't know if this all helps, but theres a big screensaver demo @ www.microsoft.com/vbasic/ in the owners area.


  1. You are right. The command line Arument "/p XXX" where number XXX is the window handle of the control panel display property window. You must handle this argument in your startup module(eg. Sub Main) and then to load appropriate form to do the screensaver preview.

  2. For using the password, when user checked the "password protected" checkbox and click the "Change Password" button, it will pass argument "/a XXX" to selected screen saver. Then your application need to handle this argument and load appropriate form for user to change password. In this case, you could handle getting and saving password yourself.

  I have an example to doing this. Since its code quite a lot, I don't post here. Please let me know if you need it.


The only change you got make in you sub main is checkfor only first two characters i.e /x and remaing don't consider
in your sub main it is better to write code like this
select case ucase(left$(command$,2))
case "/S"
write your code
case "/A"
end select

using only starting two charcters you can cooly handle the whole screen saver application


To Kesonline:
   I've now been browsing the owner's area without finding a sample for a screensaver. Do you have the URL? Thanks.

To Yowkee:
   I could really use that code of yours! Please send it to me at snoffy@home.se, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

To Sirigere:
   You didn't answer my question.

  I've been mailed you the project. Please try it and leave your comment here.

One Idea.... check the PAQs As there was a few screensaver questions asked previously...

One Idea.... check the PAQs As there was a few screensaver questions asked previously...

I am here sending the skeleton for a small screen saver
paste this code in your form module

select case Ucase$(left$(command$,2))
case "/S"   'make sure s is capital
msgbox "/s"
case "/A"
msgbox "/A"
case "/C"
msgbox "/c"
end select

you compile this small screen saver with specifically mentioning as name.scr into windows directory
you can note the following
/a is for change password
/s for when you press oreview button
/c for when you press setting button


Sirigere: You just said that, and it doesn't help me dick ****.
I know the parameters it receives but not how to handle them.

.until now. I just found this great site with a very professional example. He should get the points... =)

Yowkee: Thanks! I will look at your code example too. Here's your points, don't spend them all at once =)

PS yowkee: I posted another question about 'Ping'...


Yowkee: Reply to get the points!!

If you don't know how to put the question it is your problem. From your question I can only infer that you don't know what you are taling about(screen saver). Be professional at replying in a great professional site like this

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Thanks, Yowkee!

PS Blow me, sirigere! DS
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