Imaging (WANG)

Anybody here using Wang Imaging OCXes? Please give me an example of adding a page to a TIFF file.

Best will be to send anything to -thanks in advance

Big thanks!
PS what's the final version of Imaging and where do I get it?
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twardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't actually done it with Wang OCXes yet but it looks like you would need to use the Image Admin Control to do this:

Appends one or more pages to the current image.

Applies To

Image Admin control


object.Append Source, SourcePage, NumPages [,CompressionType, CompressionInfo]


Parameter      Data Type      Description
Source      String      Specifies the image file that contains the page(s) to be appended.
SourcePage      Long      Specifies the first page in the source image file to be appended.
NumPages      Long      Specifies the number of pages from the source image file to append to the current image file.
CompressionType      Integer      (Optional)  Specifies the compression type to apply to the appended pages. If a type is not specified, the compression type of the source page(s) is used.
CompressionInfo      Long      (Optional)  Specifies which compression options to apply to the appended pages. If options are not specified, the compression options of the source page(s) are used.

The current image file is specified by the Image property.
The current image, if one exists, must be in either AWD or TIFF format, as these formats support multiple pages.  If the image pages added are of another type, they will be converted to the file type format used by the current image.
You can append a single BMP file to a new file. If you do, the only compression type allowed is None, with no options.
If the CompressionType and CompressionInfo values specified are not compatible with a source page’s page type (color), the source file’s compression type and compression information are used in place of those arguments.

If JPEG compression type is specified, and the compression argument is 0 (zero), a default JPEG value is used. The default value is 4096 (low compression, high quality).
If the destination file is in AWD format, only black and white files without annotations may be appended.
The only allowable compression type for AWD is None, with no options.

See Also

CompressionType property
CompressionInfo property
Acutally it is pretty easy, here are the two lines I used:

ImgAdmin1.Image = "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\00000003.TIF"
ImgAdmin1.Append "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\00000002.TIF", 1, 1

MatveyAuthor Commented:
Well, I guess it works - I haven't checked it with VB yet. I'm using Delphi and nobody really answered me in that topic - Delphi has some bugs with these OCXes.

I'll grade you'r answere as soon as I test it with VB, and I'm rather sure it does works... (I've also seen this help page and I was looking at it for some hours long)

Another thing that concerns me is what is the last version of Imaging and where do I get it? I have the very very first one, and I'm supose it should have changed in the last 3 years. What version do you use? I've been to WANG site, but nothing...
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I am not sure what version I have by I got it from WANG's Site although WANG software was bought by KODAK so you may want to try their site now??
MatveyAuthor Commented:
Please tell me where can I download it - I've been to, but nothing again - didn't find any download section or something.
Eastman Software now owns it, here is where you can get it:
MatveyAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks! I've tryed it and it works. It doesn't works with Delphi though. Do you have Delphi so you can test it on your machine? I will increase points if you can help me to make it work with Delphi, but if you can't that's ok too...
Nope, I don't use Delphi, Sorry.
MatveyAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks again...
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