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I'm making a bbs and need advice on a bit of code.  Right now whenever anyone submits there post the subject looks like What%27s+up%3f instead of What's+up?  I use this to encode all white spaces to + signs
$Subject =~ s/([^\w ])/'%'.unpack('H*',$1)/eg;
$Subject =~ tr/ /+/;
and this to get it back from + signs to spaces
$Subject=~tr/+/ /;

Is this the reason all my non alphabetic and numeric characters endup like this?
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b2piConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the question is why is it changing any character NOT found in a word to a percent sign followed by the hex string of that character (high nybble first?) Because that is exactly what

s/([^\w ])/'%'.unpack('H*',$1)/eg;

does!!!!  (In case you don't know, the ascii code for a question mark is 3f)

idadanAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
You told it to!  If all you want to do is convert any white space to a + sign, just use

$Subject =~ s/\s+/+/;

That will take "What's     up?"  or "What's up?" and change it to "What's+up?"

Of course, then you have the problem of someone actually typing in '+', so preface the above line with

$Subject =~ s/\+/\\+/;

To undo that mess, use

$Subject =~ s/([^\\])\+/\1 /;
$Subject =~ s/\\\+/+/;

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idadanAuthor Commented:
Ok, the question is why is it changing, say a, question mark to %3f NOT why is it changing + signs to " " and visa virsa.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.
idadanAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks for your help.
#should have changed "What%27s up%3f" back to "What's up?"
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