System Freeze -Imminent

I have a new Cyrix P200+ with a M-Tehcnology R549 MB, 32 MB Ram and a 4MB Jaton ET6000 Video card.  This machine was built by a small, local company and will exchange parts if I know the problem.  

This machine locks up when loading my CDRom drivers at the DOS level, trying to copy (from a DOS level) the WIN95 install directory to my harddrive, and trying to install WIN95 as well( actually it will lock up anywhere, but i haven't been anywhere yet ;-).  I'm not sure what's bad, but I have removed the CDROM, Modem, Network card, and sound card, all to no avail.  

Any suggestions as to my problem?


BTW, I've only got 65 points or I'd give more.
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I don't know how your system is setup but if you have HIMEM and EMM386 loading temporarily remark them out. If it now works OK you need to either exclude or include a segment or segments of memory.
Has the machine ever worked properly?
If not, take it back!
If so, what changed just before the trouble occurred?
Will it boot clean to Dos? (Without config.sys or autoexec.bat files loading)
Be sure the heatsink is firmly attached and fan runs on CPU.

the cd-rom driver for do is wrong . that happened to me once . take it out of config.sys
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johnnyzAuthor Commented:
I'm not loading any drivers, devices, etc....  I'm only trying to boot into a dos mode, which when it will boot lock ups trying to do anything.
well then that contradicts what your original problem stated. You said originally it locked when you were loading your CD-ROM drivers or using the CD-ROM. Can't help you without accurate info.
*****  Important question:
Has this machine EVER worked properly!
I think it is foolish to try to fix something by "remote control" when it should be easy to return it to the local company.

You would be all the wise to bring the machine back to where you got it also try and get rid of the Cyrix processor in the process. Known to have compatibility problems.
Agreed.  Sounds like you got a lemon.
A comment from you will be helpful here.

mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery ManagerCommented:
Just an FYI, my company and my two home computers included (about 250 in all of which at least 60% are running Cyrix processors) have never had a problem running any type of software. We've run everything from Windows NT Server to PCanywhere to Office 97 and I have had little or no problem hardware wise just with the software sometimes.

If you are just trying to boot DOS with nothing, do you get an error or does the machine just stop at some point if so what is that point.
johnnyzAuthor Commented:
Well, looks like it was a bad component, they replaced the motherboard, cpu and RAM, and everything now works great!  I don't know how to award points or back them out, but I certainly appreciate everyone's help!

Thanks again,
What kind of motherboard is in the computer?  On some maotherboards there is a jumper to togle linear mode for the Cyrix processor. Also on some motherboards it can be set in the Bios.  hope this helps

I'm going to submit this as an answer because you apparently took it back for repair, as I suggested.
Glad you got it going!

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