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optiSound card worked on windows 3.1 not in windows 95, why?

lillybee asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-09
I got a new sound card last month, when I had trouble getting it to work I came on here and asked a question, and had it answered.  I had windows 3.1 before.  I just loaded Windows 95 finally and it doesn't seem to work again.  Why is it not found by my hard drive anymore?  I can't hear a thing.  It is an Opti Sound card 64 Deluxe, for 1817 series.  Please help.
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Were you using a different name when you were here before?  I don't see your previous question listed in your profile.
Anyway, do you have Win95 drivers for your new soundcard?
If not, I think you'll find them here:
Click on software library, then soundcard, and download driver for your model number.
Check Device Manager for conflicts listed under Sound, video and game controllers.
Let me know what you find.


Ok I am downloading the software, I don't hear any results.  You answered my question last month correctly when I was operating Windows 3.1.  My email address was Vanilla335@aol.com. I couldn't remember my password so I am using my work screen name.  Do I need to set any preferences or something to make it work?  Remember I have Windows 95 now.


1) Is there a small speaker icon in the systray? (Right side of taskbar, next to time display)

Right-click My Computer icon on the desktop> select properties> click Device Manager> click the  +  next to Sound, video and game controllers.
2) What is listed there?

Next, click Start button> point to Settings> click Control Panel> double-click Multimedia icon.
3) What is listed in Playback's Preferred device box?

4) Does it match the soundcard listed in Device Manager?

5) Is volume control slider set somewhere over to the right?


do what rmrott suggested but also check the cabling . it happens that the speakers are not properly connected to the sound card . also , are  you sure speaker connector is in the right socket on the sound card and on the speakers ?
mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager

If you have the appropriate drivers for Win 95, look into control panel, device manager and look for a listing called OTHER. Remove anything that you see listed for the Opti Card and reboot your computer. It will then ask you for the software disks and will install the sofware for Windows 95. If your getting a little yellow speaker in the lower left of your screen, then your sound card is probably set up properly and you don't have the sound set correctly or the cable is plugged in the wrong place. I would try Ralphs suggestion also.

Good Luck!

Any progress on this yet, lillybee?


No sound yet, here are the answers to the questions above: Clicked on sound video and game this is what is listed: Creative Lab sound blaster??  why I don't know....

There is a red speaker on the bottom righthand portion of my screen.  

Went to multimedia screen, and looked at list under advanced file card, a lot of items are listed but none of them match???

Why is sound blaster even listed? I have a OptiSound 64 Deluxe card installed.  What is wrong here?

lillybee, try this:

1) Select safe mode by pressing F8 key when you see the "Startlng Windows95" message at bootup.
2) Go to Device Manager and select Sound, video and game controllers.
3) Highlight each device listed there and click remove, one at a time.
4) If an "Other" category is listed with any sound devices, remove them also.
5) Shutdown the computer and re-boot normally.

Windows should detect new hardware as it starts.  Just point it to the location of your soundcard's drivers when asked.
Let me know how it goes.

mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager

Do you have the Other category listed in device manager and have you checked it for any listing of the sound card?




You figured it out.  I have sound.  I went into Device Mgr. and deleted my files and then rebooted and it asked for my disc and it reloaded my soundcard.  I have to tell you, you are really good at figuring out computer problems.  Thanks for your expertise.

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I am more than impressed with the way all the help was explained, I would like to really thank Ralph and I am recommending this web site to all of my friends.  Thanks, Lilly

As I typed this message I hear the doorbell ring on my soundcard, thanks to you!!!

Great job, done by all!
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