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Create ODBC data source in VB ?

How can i create an OBBC data source in VB programming ?
The problem i face is when i copy a database(.mdb) into new location and with new name, i want  Vb
to create the data source in ODBC as well . Is that possible  ? If not what other method can i use to
create ODBC data source without going into control panel and open the ODBC setup program and
configure it .

Your help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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1 Solution
  You could use API SQLConfigDataSource (in odbcinst.dll) to implement this. MS KB has an article of this issue(Q171146).

  Check the article at

netcoolAuthor Commented:
yowkee ,

Your example code work good for me. However i could not add the the database to it.
Even i put database=c:\imcat\data\main.mdb to the string in the  attribute.
Can yuo answer me how can i do that ????


  For adding DSN to access database, you need to change the driver name to pass into third parameter of SQLConfigDataSource. You could get the driver name from ODBC driver manager. When you click add button to add a DSN, it would list out all avilable driver name.

eg. (The code I modified from KB article mentioned)
Private Const ODBC_ADD_DSN = 1        ' Add data source
Private Const ODBC_CONFIG_DSN = 2     ' Configure (edit) data source
Private Const ODBC_REMOVE_DSN = 3     ' Remove data source
Private Const vbAPINull As Long = 0&  ' NULL Pointer

Private Declare Function SQLConfigDataSource Lib "ODBCCP32.DLL" _
    (ByVal hwndParent As Long, ByVal fRequest As Long, _
    ByVal lpszDriver As String, ByVal lpszAttributes As String) _
    As Long

Private Sub Command1_Click()

    Dim intRet As Long
    Dim strDriver As String
    Dim strAttributes As String

    'Set the driver to SQL Server because it is most common.
    strDriver = "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)"

    'Set the attributes delimited by null.
    'See driver documentation for a complete
    'list of supported attributes.
    'strAttributes = "SERVER=SomeServer" & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = "DESCRIPTION=Temp DSN" & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DSN=DSN_TEMP" & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DATABASE=C:\Program Files\DevStudio\vb\biblio.mdb" & Chr$(0)
    'strAttributes = strAttributes & "UID=Admin" & Chr$(0)
    'strAttributes = strAttributes & "PWD=" & Chr$(0)
    'To show dialog, use Form1.Hwnd instead of vbAPINull.
    intRet = SQLConfigDataSource(vbAPINull, ODBC_ADD_DSN, _
    strDriver, strAttributes)
    If intRet Then
        MsgBox "DSN Created"
        MsgBox "Create Failed"
    End If

End Sub


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netcoolAuthor Commented:
yowkee :

I have tried your example and make sure there is no mistake in my typing or anything. However, the program still not able to select the database as specify in the StrAttribute....
When i open the ODBC manager and it only shown the DSN, Description, and Microsoft
Access Driver but the database select show nothing. why...?  

  May I know what version of VB you are using? And develop under which platform? (I should ask this before answer :P ). And when you run the ODBC manager, what is the text that ODBC show the MS Access driver(is it just like "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)") ?

netcoolAuthor Commented:

I am using VB 5 Enterprise Edition and  the paltform i am suing is win95.
Yes, it show ( Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) ) , Ver 3.50.360200, File = odbcjt32.dll



  I get what you mean. Sorry that I didn't really check for that thing. :) And now I found out we should change the Keyword 'Database' to 'DBQ'.

  Change this line
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DATABASE=C:\Program Files\DevStudio\vb\biblio.mdb" & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DBQ=C:\Program Files\DevStudio\vb\biblio.mdb" & Chr$(0)

netcoolAuthor Commented:

Yes...yes....: )  It work perfectly.....and i can finish my project today.

Thank you.

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