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QTVR convert to pict?

Maddin asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Does anybody know, how I can get the large-Pict out of a Quicktime VR movie.
If you try it with MoviePlayer, you get only a small pict of the position which you see at this moment.
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I've tried Graficconverter 3.2.1. It does not work with QuicktimeVR (can not open)!

Why don't you get each small section and paste them together in a graphics program?

I hope this helps.

--MikroData (jkjung)


You're loosing quality by doing that! To get the hole picture, you have to zoom out to the maximum --> the picture is much smaller than the original. On the other Hand is the problem with the distortion.

You're trying to get the whole PICT, the one that's "spooled" up into the QTVR, right?  Both Premiere and Apple's QTVR Authoring Kit will pull it out for you, I guarantee it.  Also, and I haven't actually tried this, but you might have some luck just opening the QTVR movie in Photoshop.  If you don't have Premiere or the QTVR authoring kit, you can e-mail me the QTVR, and I will gladly extract the PICT for you...



Hi Raydot! I tried it without succes. Photoshop (4.0) can't open QTVR-movies. QuickTimeAutheringStudio opens a QTVR Movie as QTVR Movie. There is no possibility to convert it. Even the SAVE-Option is disabled. (If you know more - tell me!).
If I open the movie with Premiere 4.2.1 it appears in a movieframe but I can see only the first picture in the Movie (it doesn't spin around). If I export (I tried several formats) - I get only this picture and not the "whole picture".

I just posted a comment here, and yet I can't see it...

OK, Maddin, I just did a little snooping for you.  I don't know if you're talking about an object VR or a panorama.  If you're talking about an object VR, then Premiere WILL let you see every frame, and export every frame.  If you're talking about a panorama, then Premiere WILL let you view every frame, and will allow you to export each frame as a PICT for restitching in the graphics editor of your choice.  Now, this is Premiere 5.0 that I'm talking about.  Premiere 4 will not do this for you.  You're right, it just gives you the one frame for a panorama movie.

The QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, NOT the QuickTime Authoring Studio, will NOT pull out the image from a Pano.  Sorry, I was wrong.  And since I said "I guarantee it," I guess I owe you a refund.  The check's in the mail...

Now I'M wondering if there's a way to do it whole and intact, without using Premiere.  Geez, set out to answer a question and end up asking a few yourself!

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