How to set Volume ID?

Posted on 1998-06-23
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
I want to change the Volume ID (not the label) for a given drive.
Is there a Win32 API call to do that?
Question by:Guiseppe
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Use SetVolumeLabel():

BOOL SetVolumeLabel(
  LPCTSTR lpRootPathName,  // address of name of root directory for
                           // volume
  LPCTSTR lpVolumeName   // name for the volume

    SetVolumeLabel( "C:\\", "MyDrive");
should be what you need...

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I think you did not read the question very well. I explicitly stated that I don't want to change the LABEL of the volume. What I want is to change the VOLUME ID, also known as VolumeSerialNumber.

There is a function to retrieve that ID (GetVolumeInformation). I want to know if there is also a function to change the VOLUME ID.

Hope I made myself a bit clearer.

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The volume serial number is a pseudo-random 32-bit number generated during formatting.  Since this is intended to exist for the life of the volume, no function was provided to change it.  If you REALLY have to change it, you will need to write directly to the boot information region of the drive.  Look in the file system docs for the location.

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Well, I REALLY want to change it. Where do I have to write to?
How do I write to sector that contains the volume ID?

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Where to write? on the disk of course!  Seriously, I can't say from memory, but if you look in the *file system docs*, somewhere in there you will find what you seek.  It's in the boot sector, I think...

How to write...Use CreateFile, there is an example of the syntax here on the exchange (title was direct file writing or similar).  There is a specific syntax for doing direct file i/o.

As they say, the rest is an excercise for the student....

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Can you be a little more specific? I'm not a windows programmer. That's exactly why I ask some experts advice.

I know that I have to write on the disk. But can you also tell me the sector number?
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Dirk, remember the DLL I sent you?  Use it to read the first sector (#0), change the ID and write it back.  The ID is in offsets 39 to 42 (in a reverse order if you treat it as a string of Bytes, in the "correct" order if you treat it as a single Long).

Please remember that Volume IDs came to be with DOS 4 so any drive/diskette formatted with an earlier version wil not have one.

BTW, you can also get the ID using GetFileInformationByHandle()

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I am reopening this question for Alexo, since his answer has more specific information.

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Good luck to you.  Sorry for the lack of detail.  I thought you were a programmer...
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Details in my comment from "Date: Wednesday, June 24 1998 - 04:55AM PDT"

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Everything works as it should work.

Alex, you are a genius. I bet all the people from Tel Aviv to Moskou will agree with me  :-)))


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