xdm login window - no hostname

I have a linux box (Redhat 5) running xdm.
When I log in from a Win 95 xserver, the xlogin window shows the hostname as '1' instead of its correct name.
I believe the name is supposed to come from the file etc/X11/xdm/Xresources, where the line
xlogin*greeting: CLIENTHOST appears - I believe this is supposed to be replaced with the correct line by Xsetup.
As far as I can tell, other files appear to be correct.
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How funny!  (sorry! :-)

"linux" is ITSELF a macro, which the preprocessor defines with
the value 1.  How awkward.  You could prevent this happeining by passing the option -Ulinux to the /lib/cpp program, but I don't know of a way to do that.

The best solution is to add the line
      #undef linux

to /etc/X11/xdm/Xresources, somewhere before the first
line which references HOSTNAME.

Do the commands "uname -n" and/or "hostname" report the right name?

argoAuthor Commented:
Yes, the commands return the correct hostname.
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Did you enter the hostname in /etc/HOSTNAME ?
argoAuthor Commented:
the hostname is correct in etc/HOSTNAME
argoAuthor Commented:
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the output of

# hostname -f

is correct? what if you "dig(1)" a bit?

argoAuthor Commented:

host name -f returns the correct name

what commands would you like me to enter within dig?
Coud you please send me the contents of the following files ?:

I don't understand theproblem issue. What is a 'Win 95 xserver'??
Do you use a X-emulator on a win 95 machine as X-client to a Linux-server??
Or do you use the win-95-look fvwm95 at the same machine??
Also, is it a possibility that you are getting the X display # rather than the hostname? Ie,
default on machine would be machine:0 for display, the next would be machine:1... does the client X viewer show you the display #? Have you tried another X client viewer on 95?

argoAuthor Commented:
This might be true - I am getting a '1' as the name, even if true, I cannot understand why only one of my three Linux machines does it.

Yes, I have tried Exceed 6, a demo copy of X-Win32 and MI/X - all with the same result.

The xdm configuration file is loaded via xrdb.  xrdb passes the input file through the C preprocessor.  The "1" is absolutely typical of what happens when you have a preprocessor macro defined, but with no specified value.  

To investigate this, please run this command:-
echo "foo: CLIENTHOST" | xrdb -n -merge -

This should just say "foo: your-host-name", not "foo: 1".  If it says the latter, run this:-
echo "foo: CLIENTHOST" | strace -f -o TRACE xrdb -n -merge -
and see whar arguments are passed to /lib/cpp in the exec call
("grep exec TRACE").

argoAuthor Commented:
The first command does return foo: 1

The second gives

373   execve("/usr/X11R6/bin/xrdb", ["xrdb", "-n", "-merge"], [/* 20 vars */]) = 0
374   execve("/bin/sh", ["sh", "-c", "/lib/cpp -traditional -Dlinux -D"...], [/* 20 vars */]) = 0
374   execve("/lib/cpp", ["/lib/cpp", "-traditional", "-Dlinux", "-D__i386__", "-D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L", "-D_POSIX_SOURCE", "-D_BSD_SOURCE", "-D_SVID_SOURCE", "-DHOST=paul", "-DSERVERHOST=paul", "-DSRVR_paul", "-DDISPLAY_NUM=0", "-DCLIENTHOST=linux", "-DCLNT_linux", "-DVERSION=11", "-DREVISION=0", ...], [/* 20 vars */]) = 0

it appears to contain the correct definition, so I'm still stuck...

argoAuthor Commented:
It was funny - I didn't even want the box called 'linux' it was just a name I gave it while setting up...

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