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Viewing a PCX-file

I'm looking for a C/C++-code that will load a PCX-file in my program. I'm using BC4.5 and the program must run under DOS.
I want easy-to-understand sourcecode since I am quite new to this.
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jers7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Pcx file format begins with a 128 byte header information on how the succeeding data should be interpreted and the nature on how it should be displayed to the screen. The method varies from one type of video mode to another but the algorithm is only a simple run-count.

Here Is a structure that you can use to read or write a PCX file header.

typedef BYTE unsigned char;

struct PCXheader{

    BYTE Version;
    BYTE Encoding;
    BYTE BitsPerPixel;
    int Xmin,Ymin,Xmax,Ymax;
    int  HRes;
    int VRes;
    BYTE Colormap[48];        
    BYTE Reserved;
    BYTE  NPlanes;        
    int  BytesPerLine;
    int  PaletteInfo;
    BYTE  Filler[58];


after an execution of the fread() function in C/C++, the succeeding data are data for the image. Example is, if you are to work in a standard VGA mode 640x480 resolution, you should detect how many video planes it have. Commonly it has 4 in 16-color mode. Try to read the value "NPlanes" in the structure, this tells you on what video mode the PCX was designed for, though you can try to translate it to other modes doing some additional programming, I've tried to modify it to fit a single plane 800x600 256-color mode.

In Decoding the image you should set up first a buffer to hold the first scanline for the image. It is given by the formula
TotalBytes = NPlanes * BytesPerLine;

create an array of unsigned char of size TotalBytes. An 800x600 256-color format of a PCX is easier to decode. I'll just disccuss here the 640x480 16-color mode, since we are dealing with 16 -colors and if NPlanes is 4, each plane contains a bit for the whole pixel color.

FILE *pcx;
unsigned char buffer[1000];


    /* initialize graphics */
    /*Open PCX file*/
    /* read file header*/
    /*Compute width and height of the image w/ respect to its Xmin,Ymin,Xmax,Ymax */


for(j=0; j<PictureWidth && !feof(pcx);j++)
    runbyte=getc(pcx);     /* Get the first byte after the header */

   if( 0xC0 ==( runbyte & 0xC0)){            /*Test if the two significant bits are "11"*/
         runcount = (runbyte & 0x3F);        /* If true the number of bytes should be written is                                                               strored on the lower 6-bits of the byte read */
          runbyte = getc(pcx);                    /*Read the byte of the value to be wrttien as                                                               color*/
         runcount =1;                                /*Else the byte to be written in the video is the                                                               lower 6-bits itself from the first read-byte
                                                          and runcount is set to 1 */
   for(i=0;i<runcount;i++)                        /* Writes the byte to the buffer */
          buffer[bcount++] = runbyte;
}  /* end of j-loop */

          .... /* interpret and write the data from the buffer to the screen */


   /*Close the pcx file */


I'll just send you my code latter, just give me you'r e-mail ad.
mapeAuthor Commented:
my email is: helge@tripnet.se
if you send me your code, I'll check it out.
do you have routines for writing the data from the buffer to the screen too, it would be appreciated
mapeAuthor Commented:
I will be using VGA 640x400, 256 colors
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