animation, while doing something else

How, and with wath, could I play an animation in lets say in the corner of the screen, and on the other end
i would meanwhile  do something else.... TNX!
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There are two possible way to do so:
A. In your code, use a do-while statement that calls to proc1 and proc2 endlessly (until key pressed or anything else).
B. The way I would choose: Use a timer interrupt to call the animation procedure every constand time-slice.

Enjoy yourself :)
jurijAuthor Commented:
How would i do that? Can I get an example.... TNX!
until youarescrewed;
halt( 0);

lean how to code.. if u can do a Animation,
u shoud not have ANY problems with a SO SIMPLE Rutine..

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jurijAuthor Commented:
I forgot, I want to know the second one.

guess it would be fare fuzzylogic got the points for that,
if he is supposed to do that much..
Reject the answer and I'll try to make something.

PS. How with the fire?
i got better ways please do reply first
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