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Save hDC to Bitmap

dnavarro asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
I have a project that requires I save the contents of a Window to a .BMP file.  I have a handle to a "Compatible Bitmap", now I just need to save it to the .BMP format.

The constraints of the project will not let me use a third-party DLL or control, the program has to be delivered as a single .EXE file, therefore I need source code.

Can anyone point me to a reference in MSDN, the net, or a book which would give me this information.  Additionally, if you can recommend a low-cost (sub $50) shareware product which includes the source code in the registered version, that would be acceptable.
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You can find the desired software from:
There are both shareware and commercial software.


Thanks, but I need source code, not a shareware application.  I have to add this functionality to an existing application.
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It think I gave you the wrong one


it more what you want.  (actually you should look at both.)


Thanks, this is exactly the answer I was looking for.  Thanks for pointing out CodeGuru to me.

Hey I wasn't pointing out CodeGuru!  Think of all the points I loose because of all the questions it answers!!!  :-)

Printing the visible content of a Window is actually easy, but what about printing the whole canvas including the hidden parts? What I did to accomplish that is to scroll around the window content. Anyone a better solution? BTW replace "printing" with "storing to a bitmap" and "print it on a printer" and "save it to a file" alternatively, since it's basically all the same.

Ciao, Mike

It sounds like you might need to redesign your display procedures a little.  They should be able to work with any specified DC.  If you specify a window DC they display to the screen, if you specify a printer DC they print to the printer, if you specify a memory DC the draw to a bitmap for disk storage etc.

nietod, I know this, it's sometimes referred as paint-subclassing, but it always draws the visible part of the client area only. WM_PRINT should do the job, but it desn't work for some of the common controls.

I didn't realize you had controls inside the client area.  I can't help there, I wrote all my own controls and they will draw to any specified DC, I'm not sure how to use the common ones in that way.
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