ALIGN=CHAR problem

I thought that this was a simple attribute to code into a table, but I can't seem to get it to work.

Here's my offending code:
<TR><TD ALIGN=char CHAR="|">
<a href="syllabus.htm">Class Syllabus</A> | <a href="schedule.htm">Class Schedule</A>
<BR><a href="critique_a_test.htm">Critique-a-Test Exercise</A> | <A HREF="disabilities.htm">Students With Disabilities</A>

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?  I'm running communicator 4.05 on Windows 95.
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dagonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
woo hoo 5 points, yipee
I have never seen this attribute used... it isn't listed in Netscape's master HTML reference.  It doesn't work on IE3 either (I don't have IE4 to test with).

Doing a quick net search for align=char, I see discussions relative to it in 1995 / early 1996 - that makes me think it was part of HTML 3.0, which was shelved.

So where did you see a reference to it?
jbirkAuthor Commented:
In a book on HTML 4.0 by Raggett.
It can also be found on the w3 consortium's HTML 4.0 specification (it's not in 3.2):
Was this one of the html 4.0 tags that was implemented by the browsers for some reason?
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It doesn't seem to work correctly when put into the <TD> tag.  Have you tried coding the table differently?  Here's some code I got from the w3 consortium page on the use of this attribute:

<TABLE border="1">
  <COL><COL align="char" char=".">
  <TR><TH>Vegetable <TH>Cost per kilo
  <TR><TD>Lettuce        <TD>$1
  <TR><TD>Silver carrots <TD>$10.50
  <TR><TD>Golden turnips <TD>$100.30
jbirkAuthor Commented:
Did you try this code?
I put into the page as is, and it doesn't align the text at all.
I think maybe this attribute just put into the browsers for some odd reason even though it is part of HTML 4.0
communicator 4.05 does not fully support html 4
Does not fully support HTML 4.0?
To the best of my knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong), the "current" HTML-version is still 3.2

I believe HTML 4.0 recommendations have recently been approved, but they are not really "out there" yet...

e.g. have you ever seen anything like this on the web? I haven't!
<P>                 <!-- First, try the Python applet -->
  <OBJECT title="The Earth as seen from space"
                      <!-- Else, try the MPEG video -->
    <OBJECT data="TheEarth.mpeg" type="application/mpeg">
                      <!-- Else, try the GIF image -->
      <OBJECT data="TheEarth.gif" type="image/gif">
                      <!-- Else render the text -->
       The <STRONG>Earth</STRONG> as seen from space.
jbirkAuthor Commented:
You mean layers, CSS, and all that functionality was part of html 3.2?  I thought that was a new thing to html 4.0?  Which would mean that the 4.0 browsers are supporting html 4.0 (at least some of it)
yes "some of it" is the point.
martike, that html did not work on Communicator 4.04. Was that feature really added  in a .01 release?

By the way, it seemed to work - as an accidental result of the <center> - but no real alignment was happening on the |. Changing the link text to be of different lengths made it lopsided.
jbirkAuthor Commented:
Well guys...  I think this question is unanwerable (i.e. no solution)...  In which case I think Dagon should get the points for stating the fact that the browsers do not 'fully' support html 4

Dagon, could you please answer the question?
jbirkAuthor Commented:
Of course I knew how to do that...  I just wanted to get the align=char thingy working cause it would be nicer
jbirkAuthor Commented:
No offense taken.  I understand.
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