SB16 to Awe64 Upgrade Difficulties

Okay, here's the scenario.  I originally was running an
older SB16 card with a Creative 4x (Funai brand, tho) CD
Rom which I got together in a Multimedia package made by
(oddly enough) Creative Labs.  This was okay, but the CD
was too slow for my liking, and I wanted better sound.  So,
I bought an AWE64 value card and a Panasonic 24x CDRom.
I then removed the old hardware drivers from inside the device manager, and deleted the relevant lines from my
autoexec.bat and config.sys files.  I then turned off the computer, and physically installed the hardward.  The new
stuff went exactly where the old hardware had been.  (At
this time I should note that the SB16 had on-board IDE, and
that the new Awe64 does I had to use my secondary
IDE on my motherboard for the new Pana CDRom.)
I rebooted, and found that Windows noticed the new card (not
the CDRom, tho) and started updating drivers etc. etc.  For
some reason, it needed to re-install my LPT and COM port
drivers at this time...I dunno why).  Win 95 then asked me
for the drivers for the card.  I put in the disk, and hey
presto, it was done.  I then autodetected the new IDE
device (my CDRom), and finished that.  The CDRom works fine.
However, the AWE64 is not working at all.  Initially, it
would say in Device Manager that there was a conflict, but
it could not say with what.  I had to go into 'Set Config.
Manually' and make it 'see' that there was no conflict, and
then it worked.  Until I shut down and restarted, at which
point the problem would be the same as before.  So, I
started to play with the resource settings.  The settings
currently are:  IRQ5, DMA 0 and 5, I/O 220 (base).  The
card also supports Wave Synthesis, which is using I/O 620
(base) as well as a gameport, which is on I/O 207 (I think).
The MPU-401 (whatever the heck that is) is supposed to be
on I/O 300-301, (and was orignally supposed to be 330-331),
but now doesn't load at all).  I'm using 330-331 for the
Audio interface instead, which made the card work at least.
However, I'm still having problems.  The sound (for some
.wav) files is 'crackly', the system freezes up sometimes
when trying to load .mid files, and I can't get any of my
older DOS games to work.  Especially C&C, which I'm mosly
pissed about.  Oh, yeah..the MPU-401 doesn't show up in
Device manager anymore either, even though I never removed
So, after all that, here's my questions:  How do I get the resources to be happy with each other and all show up in
Device Manager?
How do I get the sound to be as good as it's supposed to be
(i.e. no crackling, no freezing up)?
How do I configure the DOS sound card settings so that the
new card 'looks' the same as the old one to currently
installed programs that don't get automatically configured
to what Win 95 is configured to?
And one last question:  Can the fact that my old CDRom was
attached to the soundcard, while the new one is attached
to the motherboard be causing any of the problems?

If anyone out there can answer these and make the system
work, I'll be eternally in their debt, not to mention
dancing a jig in my office after it all works.

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rmarottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad to help!
Best regards,

patrickk062498Author Commented:
Please excuse the lousy formatting...I'm new to this. :)
Try these settings
Card Interupt 10
Low dma 00
High dma 05
i/o 300-301
i/o 0388-038b
Joy stick 200-207

These should be close to the default values, force them there and go into the bios and make interupt 10 available to isa and not icu or pnp

One more thing goto here and download the newest drivers for your card

Let me know
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patrickk062498Author Commented:
Thanks for the info, but IRQ 10 is currently being used by the only other
PnP card in my system...the Matrox PowerDesk running my Mystique 220.  However, I'll definitely head on over and grab those new drivers...thanks for the URL. :)
If you go into the bios and make int 10 available to isa and not pnp the matrox card will have no choice but to grad another free irq and this will free up irq 10 for sb64
Did you try out your new sb64 in some other computer ? I bought a voodoo2 from creative.. didn't work right either and it was broken.
patrickk062498Author Commented:
I ran a card diagnostic, henckens...I think the card is running normally.  As for the freeze-up in Midi...I think I figured that one out.  THe updated WaveSynth drivers wayneb pointed me to solve a problem with running WaveG (or whatever snazzy name they dreamed up for it) while other floating-point intensive operations are being run.  This I think will solve that problem.
Furthermore, I've been told that crackles in .wav files can be due to the system doing something else at the same time, or just poorer-quality .wav files.
Wayneb: The default IRQ my old SB15 was on is 5.  The new card wants 5 as the default as well, and it's free...I think the problems may lie with the I/O addresses, not the IRQ.  BTW, does anyone out there know just what the heck an MPU-401 emulation does??
patrickk062498Author Commented:
Couple more things I forgot to mention, henckens:

1) I don't have easy access to a different computer to try it on
2) I does work (sometimes), so I assume the hardware is running properly.
Go to Device Manager and click thew properties button with "Computer" highlighted.
This will allow you to see which resources are being used by what device.
What is using DMA-1?
What IRQ is the LPT port using?
The SB defaults that your Dos programs look for should be:
Port Address=220, DMA=1, IRQ=5.
Resources listed for your soundcard should include them.

MPU-401 is a MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface compatible standard used for taking signals from an Instrument like a guitar and manipulating them to what you want. As for the rest of it, I think the other guys are giving you enough help.

Good Luck!
patrickk062498Author Commented:

Nothing was using DMA 1, so I put my SB Audio Interface into it.  That appeared to be fine with the system.
The LPT port is using IRQ 7.
The line in autoexec.bat reads like this (I'm paraphrasing a bit):
Set BLASTER=I5 D1 H5 A220 P300 E620 T6
I think the problem may lie in the P300...I think I remember my old sound card had it set to P330...I can't remember for sure, though.  The reason this one's different is that that silly MPU-401 thingy wants 330 all to itself.

Speaking of that: Hey mikecr: If I don't do any MIDI stuff, I don't have to worry about it, right?  I'm still a little concerned that it's no longer showing up in my Device Manager.  Why isn't it being loaded, if the resources it wants are free?
Don't paraphrase syntax.
Computers must have command lines exactly correct or they won't execute properly.
Please post your autoexec.bat and config.sys files here.
You can easily cut and paste them using SYSEDIT.
Just type SYSEDIT on the Run line after clicking on the Start button.
From there, select the window containing a file, copy file's contents, and paste it directly into the comment box on this page.

You don't need to worry about MIDI if your not going to be recording and manipulating music. As for it not showing up, not all sound cards support MPU-401. If you had it before and you don't have it now, then when you get your conflict with the sound card fixed, then it should appear again. Normally you have to load a driver to take advantage of MPU-401 so, since your having hardware conflicts, your not going to be able to load the driver for the sound card which means it's not going to recognize the MPU-401 either. Let Ralph help you out and he'll have you fixed in no time. If you have any more questions for me, please let me know.

patrickk062498Author Commented:
rmarotta:  I've tweaked the settings to coincide more exactly with those you suggested as being DOS defaults.  All settings now show no conflicts.  The autoexec.bat lines of relevance are:

SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 E620 T6

config.sys lines are:


(note that there are only two lines in config.sys..the first one is wrapped around in this box due to space limitations).

As of now, the drivers appear to be loading properly.  However, the system still hangs when I run Wavesynth, and still crackles occasionally.
My apologies on paraphrasing.  I wasn't aware that I could cut and paste into this box. :)
patrickk062498Author Commented:
One more note for Ralph and Mikecr: The MPU-401 driver is installed (I recall it being installed during the initial card setup), but it's not showing up in device manager.
patrickk062498Author Commented:
Another note of concern:  When viewing the "computer' resource settings, I don't see the I/O 300-301 being listed as being used by MPU-401 emulation.  To my knowledge, I did not remove the drivers for this device, and so I feel that even if I'm not using it, it should show up in the resource listing.
Boot computer in Safe Mode.
Go to Device Manager and check for duplicate entrys of any hardware listed.
If you find any, delete each instance listed that was duplicated, shutdown, & reboot.
Please post the entire contents of autoexec.bat & config.sys files.  There may be something there that we've overlooked.

patrickk062498Author Commented:

I've checked and re-checked everything, and all appears to be normal.  However, the sound card is now no longer appears that the "Speaker Out" jack is a better connection than the "Line Out" that I originally had my powered speakers in (the instructions DID say to plug powered speakers into "Line Out", but oh well).  As soon as I changed it over, everything appeared to work well.
I've given up on getting the MPU-401 to show up in device manager...I don't think I need it, and all my programs appear to be working as well as or better than they were under the old card.  I tweaked my autoexec and config files a bit more and your suggestion, and that appeared to help as well...basically, I re-created the old configuration and took it from there.
Thanks for all your help, Ralph...please post a message as an answer to the question, and I'll award the points.

Many many thanks to all those who have also given their time and insights into the problem.  I now firmly believe that "Plug and Pray" still has a ways to go before it's as easy as the computer companies would have us believe. :)
Just for your information....
with the AWE 64 sound card I have found it necessary to run the CTCM program to get sone games to recognize the Card..
These are usually programs that do NOT use the BLASTER environmental variable setting.

John C. Cook
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