How do I get the hp600c to print with line thickness options that are available in autocad? Aand how come it wont print all the colors in mt drawings?  I am running on win95 version a and using autocad r14
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You may need to set your printer as your AutoCAD printer aswell as the Win95 printer settings, go to the main AutoCAD window, select Options and Configure, then go to Configure printer, now you will need go to Add a printer configuration so you will be able to add you HP600C printer to your AutoCAD printer list, and choos the printer to be as Default to Control Panel settings,  now the setup will ask you " Do you want dithered output" you must choos Yes,now you will need to update the pen table ( every time you change your printer changed you need to do that )
now dont forget to save your changes, while exiting AutoCAD settings, and try to print once again, all the best, and good luck :)
Look at this link and see it you can find anything useful

What is your operating system and Autocad version?

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rdillardAuthor Commented:
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It could be that your printer has problems processing the vector graphic images that are sent out by Autocad.  Do you have the most recent revision of your HP LaserPrinter Drivers?
I've used a 680C, no problem.  Are you using the System Printer driver?
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