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win95 OSR2: trick available?

eriklee asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-16
i know you can't upgrade but there's been a rash of tips/tricks published in the internet to be able to "fool" the system into upgrading from the old win95....
Q: does this mean i won't need to reformat my harddisk, does this mean i get to keep all my data ??
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The easiest way is to borrow a second hard drive, xcopy everything across, install OSR2 on the first, then copy it all back.

You can fool it into thinking there isn't an operating system there by deleting the windows directory, then installing. However whatever you do you'll lose all your settings in the registry and any DLLs that were installed.

You can get virtually all of the OSR2 features by downloading the service patches from microsoft (www.microsoft.com/support).

You don't have to delete the windows directory. If you are upgrading from win3.1 or Win95a then boot to command prompt only, make sure you can acess your CD drive from DOS mode, then rename win.com to something else and run the setup.exe from your OSR2 cd. I have done this many time and all my settings remain intact

Don't be fooled by the nay sayers YOU CAN UPGRADE TO OSR2:
Here is one of many methods....
Work perfect for me...kept all of my old progs..and shortcuts..
Had to reinstall some drivers...video etc.

17 Mar 97 Method 2: (courtesy Tom Porterfield)

This method is more difficult than method 1, but is preferable in that it tells the setup.exe to perform an upgrade installation. This method can only be used if you have your OEM number from you certificate of authenticity on your manual (format: XXXXX-OEM-XXXXXXX-XXXXX): you will be prompted for this during installation.
1) Start up the OSR2 setup as normal, from within Windows95.

2) When you are presented with the License Agreement dialog box, stop.
Don't click anything yet.  Resist the urge to click "Next."  Just stop!

3)Open Start Menu (CNTRL + ESC) and click "Run."  Type "Notepad" and click "OK".

4) Open the file "setuppp.inf" in the directory WININST0.400.  This
directory and its associated files were created by the OSR2 setup program.

5) Find the line in the file with the text "[data]".  Add the
following line after it: "OEMUP=1".  The text should look as follows:


6) Save the file and exit Notepad.

7) Switch back to the OSR2 setup (using Alt+Tab) and continue with OSR2

John C. Cook


ok john ,
i reopen the question & u submit yours as an answer
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