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I Need a PERL/CGI "forum" script

johnny99 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
Does anyone know where I can get a PERL/CGI script which lets you run a forum -- that is, a localised HTML "newsgroup" where people can post, and reply to each
other's posts?

I'm thinking of something like the setup they have at Mister Cranky's movie review forums:


A fabulous site for anyone who likes the movies by the way.

When I say "where can I get it", that means I'm prepared to pay, by the way...
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Have you tried CyberWhiz?  Check out


This is a collection of web-based bulletin boards.


Sorry to do this to you sybe, and it looks like an interesting product, but I need it to be a PERL/CGI application: when I see the words "Windows NT based" and the file extension ".asp" I feel very ill and need to lie down.

Hope you don't feel too hard done by.

Off to check on Oracle's answer...


Hi Oracle,

Yeah that's what I wanted, so answer me and I'll give you the points.

It's not beautiful, but it's what I want and I know I can happily tinker with it which isn't true of Windows NT-based software...

johnny "can you tell I'm a Mac user?" 99


Hi Hank,

OK the first person to answer me satisfactorily was Oracle, so he/she should really get the points -- also your solution has NT and Microsoft Access written all over it, although it kind of hints that it is convertable to UNIX, so although it's written in PERL, it isn't what I'm looking for.

If Oracle never comes back for his/her points, you can have them, but it's only fair to wait...


Try Ultimate BBS found at http://www.ultimatebb.com/

Or try other alternatives found at http://icthus.net/CGI-City/scr_bullboards.shtml


Everyone's coming up with good things, but as Oracle was the first person to come up with an answer that met my question, I'd like to give the points to Oracle.

I'm British and we're famous for our sense of fair play.
Here's 42 for you!
Hope this works!

(I can submit this as an answer, if you would like)


Hi, as far as I'm concerned, Oracle's missed the boat, and eversoslightly is the best answer, so he/she can have the points.

If anyone feels hard done by, let me know -- eversoslightly, come back and answer...
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just a quick one!
have u had a look at WWWBoard?
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