PCI ethernet controller

dear sir,

l have 1 ethernet network card, but i dont have a driver for this card and dont know what's it brand and company for it. it doesn't specified any company name or brand on interface of this card. when i pluged in and started the windows, then it was detected "PCI Ethernet Controller". how do i know what's it brand, company and how to get the driver for this card ?
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Look a the ethernet controller and tell us the name or number that is on it. It will be the square processor about an inch by an inch or if there is a mac address or node address include this also and we will track down a driver for you.
Look at the metal "spine" (where the connector to Ethernet plug in)
and tell us all the letters/digits stamped into the metal.
The only way that I can think of is to physically pull out the card and look for any labels or stampings with a serial number or a company name.
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AZSURE, what nice "etiquette" you do *NOT* have!!

You seem to have copied the "suggestions" which were submitted,
and posted them as an "answer".

EEEE, you should not "accept" the "plagarized" answer.

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eeeeAuthor Commented:
OK, the FCCID is EJMNPDSPD035, text/num stamped on the metal spine are "LINK" beside LED, "ACT" beside LED, "100TX" beside LED, "DATA" beside RJ-45 port and the down of the spine is a number 5342, there are two square processors on it, the first one stamped with the text

"i © 1989 1995"

the second one is stamped with the text "S8255S"
                           "intel © 1996"

Hope you can find it out for me....thanks help

The fcc # should be 17 characters
FCC ID Number
Enter the FCC ID number located on your card or peripheral to obtain
company information. The first 3 characters are the company code, the next 14 are the product code.

I have not been able to find it as of yet I will continue to look.
According to the page at:



describes the "Intel EtherExpress Pro 100B card".

So, browse around on http://WWW.INTEL.COM
to find the appropriate driver.
Take a look at:


for general information on the Pro100,
and the page:


for the latest drivers.

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eeeeAuthor Commented:
dear otta,

you've done a good job, it's works. may i know how you did that ? is it any site can do a FCCID or barcode reference ?
If otta has provided you the information you need, you should now grade the question.  Comments can continue to be added after the question has been graded and moved to the previously asked questions.

> may i know how you did that ?

Using the string you provided as the 'FCC-ID',
to search on that string, and looked at the web pages
which contained that string, and which hinted that it
was an INTEL card.  Then, going to INTEL's web-site,
and using the other information you provided,
I found the specific page on INTEL's web-server.

> is it any site can do a FCCID or barcode reference ?

Not that I know of.

Please "grade" the "proposed-answer", if the information
provided has been correct.

eeeeAuthor Commented:
if can't find the FCCID on the card..then how to search ?
> if can't find the FCCID on the card..then how to search ?

Use whatever information _IS_ available to you.

If you have another "unidentified" card,
please open another question on Experts Exchange.
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