printer/irq problems

i have been advised that my printer problem maybe from an IRQ conflict, however- my computer will not let me assign new IRQ's  i can not find an open # available-
i show a conflict in my primary IDE controller-  i tried to change the master controller IRQ i get a message can not change these settings- i try to change the primary i get an error message- can not change without the parent controller changed- so i  can not change anything- my printer error is can not establish bidirectional communication- i tried a new cable- no good- i can not overide the bidirectional print.. HELP-  also my computer has not been shutting down properly-  HELP with detailed instructions
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The first thing I would do is resolve the conflict with your IDE controllers.
Check System properties for a Dos compatibility mode problem.
(Right-click My Computer, select properties, then Performance tab)
This can become very involved, so I advise you to read and understand the following before attempting any changes.

Next, I think you must have an Enhanced (ECP) port enabled for bi-directional printing.  This will require an IRQ and DMA.

Let me know how it goes.

What IRQ is it trying to assign to your LPT Port?

Is it trying to assign the printer pprt to IRQ 15?

What kind of Motherboard do you have? ( I Just dealt with a similar problem on a Biostar Pentium MoBoard).

Let me know.
ptm - what sort of computer?  486?  Pentium?
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Did you try to change the settings for your parallel port in your system-bios?

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