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Java applet calling Javascript Functions..

Sieger asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-16
I just found out that they changed the Security Issue for Javascript.. it will violate the rule if access from different domain..
so my problem lies that my Applet needs to set some values on some Html fields through javascript...... How can I get around this?   I am sorry about the points but that's what I have now :(
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A very simple example of an applat that will call a javascript function named setVar in the document.


import java.applet.*;
import netscape.javascript.JSObject;

public class JSObjectTest extends Applet {
      JSObject mozilla;
      String[] args;
      String msg;

      public void init() {
            msg = getParameter("msg");
            try {
                  mozilla = JSObject.getWindow(this);
            catch (NoClassDefFoundError e) {}

            String args[] = {msg + ""};
            try {
                  mozilla.call("setVar", args);            
            catch (NoClassDefFoundError e) {}




<script language="JavaScript">
function setVar(msg){

// -->


<applet name="jsobjecttest" code="JSObjectTest.class" width=2 height=2 MAYSCRIPT>
<param name="msg" value="JSObject works">



sybe, I know this will work too.. but I need to know if there's anyway you can assign a text field in HTML to something in Java through Javascript.  So the code with sit in Java not javascript...  I need to know this because I made few applets like that before I found out the security issues and I want to know if I have to bring the code to HTML or I can do something in java which allow me to access javascript..

Here is the sample

consider a piece of html code

<form name=myform action="http://somecgilink" method=post>
<input type=text name=hobbies>

The java code which sets the text area hobbies is as follows

JSObject win = JSObject.getWindow(this);
JSObject doc = (JSObject) win.getMember("document");
JSObject myform = (JSObject) doc.getMember("myform");
JSObject  text = (JSObject) myform.getMember("hobbies");
text.setMember("value", "BaseBall, movies, television");  // set the html form textfield using java


doesn't help.. same error.. but I found out the way to do.. now how can I delete this question...


Sorry evijay.. it worked.. I didn't look at the code carefully..

can you propose the answer again so I can give you points..
and do you know if this will work for select list?
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