hung at "Veryfing DMI Pool Data"

My system froze at the very begining before it checks my system configurations. It says "Veryfing DMI Pool Data". Please help.
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spacebrainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
have you tried booting from a floppy?
if it does then your file system is corrupt on the hd
if so try reinstalling the os over the old one
There is a motherboard confict . have you enabled the usb controller ?
Go into bios and then pci configuration and there should be an option to reset configuration data, enable this then save the bios and reboot and see what happens.
Reset the bios there should be a jumper on the mainboard or you can remove the battery for 30 seconds.  This will reset the bios to the defaults after that you can tweak it for better performance
Right after the BIOS posts this message, it enables the on-board cache. If the cache is bad the system hangs. Try disabling the EXTERNAL cache.
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