CPU Usage and Memory Usage

Pl tell me how to get CPU usage and Memory usage (as show in the Task Manager) in my MFC
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piano_boxerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Heres complete articles and source code about performance counters in windows NT:

Check the VC Documentation for functions like GetProcess????.  i.e. GetProcessHeap and GetProcessWorkingSetSize

prashantpAuthor Commented:
The GetProcessWorkingSetSize function obtains the minimum and maximum working set sizes of a specified process.
And I need the overall system's memory usage (physical + virtual )and cpu usage, as displayed by the Task Manager.
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Heck, I'll try again...
Check out the WIN32 GlobalMemoryStatus function.  It returns the following structure:

typedef struct _MEMORYSTATUS { // mst
    DWORD dwLength;        // sizeof(MEMORYSTATUS)
    DWORD dwMemoryLoad;    // percent of memory in use
    DWORD dwTotalPhys;     // bytes of physical memory
    DWORD dwAvailPhys;     // free physical memory bytes
    DWORD dwTotalPageFile; // bytes of paging file
    DWORD dwAvailPageFile; // free bytes of paging file
    DWORD dwTotalVirtual;  // user bytes of address space
    DWORD dwAvailVirtual;  // free user bytes

prashantpAuthor Commented:
Well  rayb,

i tried the GlobalMemoryStatus function but the value it returned is different from that of the memory usage shown in the Task Manager.

And how about the CPU usage ?
Is this for NT or 95(98) ?

If its for NT, you can get all the information you need (performance counters) from the registry.
prashantpAuthor Commented:

thanks piano_boxer

i got all i needed in that url.

thank you once again.
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