long filenames

I have an application that needs the ability to save files in both 95 and NT.  I save these files using ofstream. A typical file name could be "nt.scn98". Note the Length.  Now to open a file, I use a ComboBox::Dir call to the directory where the files reside.   Using explorer, the files look the same on both machines.  Yet, in my combobox, they come up, on nt as "nt.scn98". On 95, they come up as "nt~....".  After I get the string, I attempt to open the file...this works on NT but not on 95. Any ideas?  On 95, it doesn't seem to be able to find the file....

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raybConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the WIN32 function:
To make the filname conversion, then try opening the returned filename.
mulshineAuthor Commented:
Note:  I am running this from a dos command prompt on the various platforms...
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