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Why doesn´t my perlscript work with apache

cl071997 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-04
I think this is a very basic config-question.
I´m using Apache 1.3 and I want to run a simple perlscript.
I have Options ExecCGI in "access.conf" and the script has 755 rights. When I tries to execute the script I just get the sourcecode.
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make sure the suffix is recognized as a cgi example .cgi or .pl

Is the script in a ScriptAlias dir or end with the proper extension? (usually .cgi, set from AddHandler cgi-script .cgi)
Those should be sitting in srm.conf, and are commented out by default.


ScriptAlias was commented out, but now it´s not, but still it don´t work. (I have rebooted). The perlscript has the extension .cgi. It´s a very simple script taken from a book, so we can sxclude the script (I think). As I said - I get the whole sourcecode instead of a executed script.

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Thank you. I noticed that I made misstake when I commented out the lines about ScriptAlias. Another # was removed to in front of an ordinary textline, so the web server didn´t start. I accessed the htnml file by "open file" and tried to execute the script that way.
Well, now it works.

Thanks again

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