Built-in interpreter Pascal for Delphi

Prompt me please, where possible find built-in interpreter Pascal for Delphi Applications.
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wvd_vegtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you like VB for applications or Jscript as a script language you could try microsoft's scriptcontrol 1.0. I've provided a demo
of how to use it on several upload sites as vba.zip or vba_095.zip (delphi super, torry's and dex). The control enables you to execute scripts or expressions and also expose delphi properties/procedures to the scripts as if they were part of the labguage (0.95 only).
You could take a look at HyperTerp from HyperAct, www.hyperact.com, perhaps that will solve your problem..
DValeryAuthor Commented:
There I already was, can else be variants?
DValeryAuthor Commented:
Hi, wvd_vegt!
I'd like  same component for include in my project.
Are will be this components allows to access to the properties of my form?
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