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3.1 mess..

robtbis asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
Hi once again ..well I installed the cd rom sucessfully yesterday (thanks again for your help)and then proceeded to install w95 over 3.1. Worked fine when I rebooted ...then the cdrom dissapeared..the hard drive dissapeared and now all is gone..woes on Canada's birthday cause everything here in Montreal is shut down.
I cannot format the hard drv. 'cause I only have a w95 emergency boot disk and this doesn't seem to do the trick      ( lesson #1435 for me ...ALways have a  back-up boot disk for any OS I use!!).
In short can anyone tell me where I can dnload a 3.1 emergency boot disk so I can format the hard drive and try the whole process again....or any other sugestions? Am really stuck so any help will be most appreciated.
ps.....the machine I'm working on is a 486/66 w/ 20 meg mem.
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Do you have a set of MS-DOS disks ?  Any version at all.

The installation disk should be bootable. Any bootable floppy should do. Don't remember, but  Win31 setup disk might be bootable (worth a try).

Modified Lesson #1435 :

Have AT LEAST 2 bootable floppies that have been tested and worked. If you only have one, you can bet it won't boot when you need it to.

Good Luck.



Almost forgot.

You should delete your duplicate question and save the points.


do you need to install win 3.1 and dos?  win 95 will install on a blank formatted hard drive without dos or windows 3.1.  if you want to do this let me know and i'll direct you.

oops - almost forgot, format.com is in the win95 directory on the windows 95 cd. they hid it in win95_02.cab.  you can extract it from there.

When you say all is lost, does this mean you get no boot at all?  What's the point at which your comptuer gives up?
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I forgot to mention, when you change your file system to fat32, your boot disks from DOS wont work.  THe disk will boot but you won't have access to the HD.  From this point on, you will need a windows startup disk.

has anyone else noticed - or have any input on - EXTREMELY slow scandisk operation with fat32?  This makes me wonder if it's such a trivial matter.  (my $.02 on the matter)

Scan disk for me runs faster on FAT32 than on FAT16.  Even the defrag runs faster.  I don't know why you are having slow scans with fat32.


Thanks David Chen.......your suggestion of copying the win-95 files to the hdd worked...installed fine but the dam cd-ron still cant be found. Could be jumpers or a hardware problem ...that, I can test this week at work. Perfect solution...thanks and so long for now.  Bob
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