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thinkpad 755c

Vickio asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
Ive got an ibm thinkpad 755c laptop and it has been working fine untill one time i was using it and it just turned off.. and i havent been able to get it working since. when i turn it on it says

20096 KB OK


and then the screen goes blank and it stops working...
how can i get it working again?

laptop specs:
imb thinkpad 755c
20mb ram (4 internal, 16mb memory card)
windows 95
340 mb hard drive
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Is your power supply damaged? Do your notebook have power?


yes, i have an ac adaptor and a battery
the same errors come up with both power supplies

What did you do while crashing your computer? Can you boot in protected mode? Then maybe it's a grafic driver. Does your harddisk work?


i was just using a text editor and it shut off... felt kind of like someone just unplugged it (but that wasnt what happened - i was running off a fresh battery)

after the four errors come up, the screen goes blank and i cant do anything untill i cut the power from the system.

If you have a bootdisk, try to use this one. And then run scandisk or Norton Disk Doctor. Or you can use a rescuedisk, if you have one. If this don't help you, I'm afraid I can't help you. Sorry.


it wont even try to boot from hard disk or a boot disk...
since i havent had it very long i am trying to get the place i got it from to give me my money back...

I think this is the best desicion you can make. Good luck.

I use to be like this once. Let's try remove the battery out of computer and use AC adapter. If it work turn off and put teh battery back. My old notebook is same as spec with you and it can work til now


nope, didnt work...
thanks anyway

What you're experiencing is a POST (Power On System Test) error. The first error (173) is the important one - chances are that the error codes listed after it are symptomatic of the first one.

POST error code 173 means that your ThinkPad has lost some configuration data.

To run some diagnostics/tests to get us further down the path to getting it fixed, I need you to run some diagnostics and tests of the machine. Could you please do the following?

To start diagnostics.....
1. Turn the system off.
2. Disconnect any external keyboards, mice etc.
3. Hold down F1 on the ThinkPad keyboard.
4. Turn on the ThinkPad while still holding down the F1 key.
5. Release the F1 key when EasySetup appears.

To run system tests....
1. Click on the Test icon.
2. Click on any of the items to test them.
3. Press CTRL-A for advanced diagnostics.

To determine your BIOS version....
1. Once the main EasySetup menu appears, click "Config".
2. Click system board.
3. Note down the version & date etc.

Any of the above tests may produce an error called an FRU error. This will point us to the component that is giving you problems, so it will be worth taking a note of.

I hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on.

Best regards,


i did what you said but i cant get 'EasySetup' to appear...
i should add that the system does some strange things when i start it up:
when i give the system power the display turns on and a few of the lights turn on but are very dim. Then the screen goes blank untill i turn it on with the on/off switch on the side. Next the ram count and the 173 error come up and then a few seconds later the other three erros appear. During the time when the system is displaying the errors the floppy drive light is on. After the fourth error the display goes blank, but does not turn off. And then it just sits there acting like its reading a floppy disk untill cut its power... when its like this it wont turn off with the on/off switch on the side.



also, when im using ac power, in addition to the floppy light mention above, the following lights are on:

the battery light (even if theres no battery in the system)
the charging light (same as above)
the 5th light from the right (im not sure what this one is for)
the 34rd light from the right (i dont know what this one is either)
the suspend light is on but is very dim
the power light
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the additional info - I'll do some more investigation. In the meantime, could you answer the following for me?
  Do you often use hibernation mode?
  Do you often use suspend mode?
  Do you usually attach external devices? (Keyboard, mouse etc.)

Thanks in advance...
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the additional info - I'll do some more investigation. In the meantime, could you answer the following for me?
  Do you often use hibernation mode?
  Do you often use suspend mode?
  Do you usually attach external devices? (Keyboard, mouse etc.)

Thanks in advance...


i only had the computer for a few weeks when it started not working like this..
but when it was working i didnt use hibernation much, i use suspend some but not a whole lot, and i never used any external devices...
i got this system used though, so i dont know how it was used before i got it.
Hi again Chris,

I'm afraid news is not good.

Everything I've read on this indicates that you have a system board failure, so I'm posting this as an answer rather than a comment.

I've hunted through a technical publication for your ThinkPad and keep coming to the same conclusion. The manual is online and I'll add where to get a hold of it at the bottom of this note.

There are still some things you can check, but I don't know how comfortable you'd be taking the thing apart to check connections etc. It is likely that doing this would also invalidate any warranty that may be left on the machine. If there's no warranty outstanding, however, it may be worth a try.

The manual I used tells you how to take the thing apart and what all the components do. It can be found by tracing the following route.....

go to        www.ibm.com
click on    support
click on    fastpath links
click on    ThinkPad Global Support Home Page
select      ThinkPad 755C/CS     (you probably won't need to click 'go')
click on   Online publications
click on   Hardware Maintenance Manual: Volume 2      (filename is TPVOL2.PDF)

Please note that the manual is in Acrobat format and is about 500 pages long.

Sorry I couldn't find a fix for you, but if you get a hold of the above then you'll probably be able to confirm all I've said for yourself.

I hope it won't be too expensive to get fixed! (Could you get it through insurance?)

Good luck & best regards,



that might work but ive got a better way...
i was able to contact the company i bought it from and they said that i can send it back and they will send me another one (and this time he will personally check to make sure it is all working properly). also this new one is faster that the one i have now :)
i would like to thank you all for your help.
(btw scotty, i actually tried taking apart the computer before posting this question and i couldnt... i think they make them so if you dont know what your doing, you will have to get it factory repaired)

thanks again,
So no-one gets any points!?


All the best.


You should delete this question to save your points.

Ez! FACTS; Each one of those error messages means something. The 163 is time or date. 301 is keyboard. So its telling you HELLO, I DO NOT FEEL THESE THINGS ATTACHED. 1ST REMOVE THE 16MB CARD. TRY IT. HOW OLD IS THE MACHINE. WHAT KEYS DO YOU PRESS TO ENTER CMOS SETUP? check settings in cmos setup. are they all ok? do u hear the hard disk spin up? last time you replaced battery? remove battery try to boot with ac adapter only. is hdd removable ? remove keyboard and remove hdd and reseat. EZ!!!


well i already sent it back, but before i did i tryed every thing i could think of including removing the floppy drive, hard drive, battery, ram card... i dunno what was wrong with it but its not my problem anymore.

could someone tell me how to delete this question? i forgot how :)

Goto experts exchange under costumer service and ask a question to delete this question. You can look at the questions waiting for answer how to do.

The correct answer for your question  "...how can i get it working again?" was posted by dumbscotty.
(Even though your computer is not fixed)
Sometimes the solution to a problem is not what we want to hear.
It appears that he has done a lot of research into your problem.
Don't you think he should be credited for his efforts in your behalf?

Just an FYI:

173 - Bad CMOS or NVRAM checksum
301 - Keyboard reset or stuck key failure
8611 - PS/2 mouse error
I think dumbscotty deserves some points.  Even if not all of them you can post a 0 point question to customer service and allocate as many points as you think fit, but to be honest he did correctly identify all the symptoms and the resolution.

It is only fair.

vickio, dumbscotty knows what he is talking about, and will be unlikely to help in future if giving points is difficault for you.

John x


sorry, i wasnt home for a while to respond to these comments.

i agree that scotty deserves the points so please repost your answer scotty.

Notebooks consist of a tight neat little package of proprietary hardware.  There is generally very little user servicable hardware inside.

If your IBM is under warranty, send it in!  If it isn't, get a repair quote!  What's so hard about that?

However, remember, "The bigger name the bigger the pain".

Sad but true.

patedm, have a little read. She is going to be sent a new one.
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173  Config error.  Check installed devices
301  Stuck Key
8611  Keyboard error

163  Dead backup battery

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