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Which compiler?

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Last Modified: 2010-04-01
Hi, I am trying to compile source code and have a problem, I have changed the directory to search for a file but nothing happens, you see the interface let's me compile, link, make, build. but when i run the program lot's of linking errors come up, is there anyway out of this?

e.g #include <c:\graph3.h> // or " " which ever you like

error: linker error undefind symbol _Sprite_display <filename>.

is there any way out of this????
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You are either missing or not including a required library.  You need to find which module (library or object file) which implements or defines the symbol named and ensure that it is being included in the link.


Sorry rayb nothing against you but, I wouldn't know about object files and how to link them since i don't use a command lines(and don't know how!), and i know i have the libary's because the .exe works fine.

Its not linking fine and the exe does not work fine.  This is a linker error.  And rayb is proably right about the cause.  (although there are other possibilities.)

What IDE (integrated development environment) are you working with?  Like VC (Microsoft Vissual C++) or BC (Borland C++) or BCB (Borland C++ builder)?


nietod i am using turbo borland c/c++ 3.1 under dos CCE.

the file i am trying to link are taken from the book TY game programming in 21 days.

and sorry (i wrote the last comment late at nite), when i said the .exe was working fine i meant the .exe supplied. I have checked the files .h and .c but nothing's missing.

There must be a library or object code file associated with the graph.h file.  This is proably called "graph3.lib" or "graph3.obj"  This might be in thje directory wjere you have graph3.h or a nearby directory.  This file needs to be included in your project.  I'm not usre how to do that in Borland, but you want some sort of menu option like "add files to project..."  Then select the .obj or .lib file.  (Note that the dialog box will probably not list .obj or .lib files, you will probably have to change the "file type" item to be able to see the .obj or .lib file.  

I hope that helps.  Let me know if not.
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Sorry, softfgk, but that can't be the problem in this case..  The compiler is finding all the files it needs it there would be a compiler error.  (undefined something.)   He is getting a linker error so it has to be the files he is linking with.


Sorry nietod, i have pointed to all the .obj and .lib files for the graph3.h but it is still giving me errors, about not being able to find it the same way. What compiler are you using? it might be that although i actually doubt it alot!

Whnere is sprite_display defined?  is that in one of your files or on of the ones from the book?  What is sprite_display?  how is it defined?
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