Lost access to all fonts in Windows 95

I have received the "Tahoma font missing" error in all of my Microsoft applications (Office 97).  My Corel Draw program cannot see any of its fonts and all of my desktop fonts change to a generic courier font.  All of the fonts are still in my fonts directory but by programs cannot see them.  The only way I can get the fonts back is to delete all of the fonts in my fonts directory (move them to a temporary directory) and reinstall Windows 95.  This has happened to me three different times.  What is causing this problem?  Is there a Fix?
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From Micro$oft knowledge base have a look

Last reviewed: June 26, 1998
Article ID: Q163277
The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Access 97
Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows
Microsoft Office 97 for Windows
Microsoft Outlook 97
Microsoft PowerPoint 97 for Windows
Microsoft Word 97 for Windows
Microsoft Publisher 98

When you install one of the products listed above, you receive the following error message:

   Setup Error 168:
   Setup has encountered a problem updating your system registry.

When you try to open one of the products listed above, you receive the following error message

   The Tahoma font is not present. For best results, please exit
   <application> and run the setup program.

where <application> is the program you try to open. The error message may vary slightly depending on the program you try to start.

The products listed at the beginning of this article install the Tahoma font. If the Setup program is unable to install this font, you may encounter either or both of the error messages in the "Symptoms" section of this article. You may receive these error messages if the font was not installed during the installation process or if you manually removed the Tahoma font after the Setup program finished running.

Error Message 1
Setup Error 168: Setup has encountered a problem updating your system registry.

The Microsoft Office 97 Setup program is unable to update the registry if you installed the maximum number of TrueType fonts (approximately 1,000) on your system prior to running the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program.

Error Message 2
The Tahoma font is not present. For best results, please exit <application> and run the setup program.

This error message is displayed because the program cannot find the Tahoma font. You may receive this error message even after the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program has completed successfully. The program does not find the Tahoma font if you have manually removed the font from your computer.

To resolve the problem, use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Run Setup and Reinstall
If you manually removed the Tahoma font from your system after Office 97 Setup completed successfully, run the Office 97 Setup program and click Reinstall. If this does not resolve the problem, follow the steps for Method 2.

Method 2: Manually Install the Font
If you did not remove the Tahoma font and you have not exceeded the Microsoft Windows 95 TrueType font limit (approximately 1,000) on your computer, you can manually install the font by following these steps:

Place the Microsoft Office 97 compact disc in the CD-ROM drive.

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

In Control Panel, double-click the Fonts shortcut folder.

On the File menu, click Install New Font to open the Add Fonts dialog box.

In the Drives list, click the CD-ROM drive.

In the Folders list, double-click the OS folder.

In the OS folder, double-click the Fonts folder.

Locate the Tahoma font and click to select it. Press and hold the CONTROL key, and then click the Tahoma Bold font to select both fonts. Click OK.

Close all open windows and reboot your system.

Method 3: Delete Fonts from the System
If you have exceeded the limit in Microsoft Windows 95 for TrueType fonts (approximately 1,000) on your computer, you can delete fonts from your system to reduce the number below 1,000, and then run the Office 97 Setup program again. To do this, use the following steps:

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

In Control Panel, double-click the Fonts shortcut folder.

With the Fonts folder open, click the fonts you want to remove, and drag them to your Recycle Bin.

Click the fonts you want to remove and press DELETE. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion of the file, click OK.

The number of fonts you need to remove varies. There is an approximate limit of 1,000 TrueType fonts that can be installed under Microsoft Windows 95; however, the actual number varies. If the font names are long, you cannot have as many fonts installed. For example, "Bookman Old Style Bold Italic" is 29 characters long. "Arial" is 5 characters long. You should have fewer TrueType fonts installed on your system if the font names are long.

After removing the fonts, restart your system.

Run the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program and click Reinstall.

Method 4: Use SetupFix.exe To Fix the Registry
SetupFix.exe is available for download on the Microsoft Software Library.

For information about how to obtain SetupFix.exe from the Microsoft Software Library, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q186073
   Title     : OFF97: SetupFix.exe Available For Download

In the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program, there is no separate option to install the Tahoma font. In most cases, Setup installs it automatically.

ccmikeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the quick response.  It appears that my problem has been an excess of fonts in my font directory (1200+)!

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     It appears to me as though CEBAKA is trying to get points for an answer supplied by wayneb. Make sure you reject CEBAKA 's answer to give wayneb the oppurtunity to post an answer as his answer solved your problem. ccmike deserves the points.


Why are you requesting points for an answer posted by wayneb ?

You have not even posted an answer.


What's the story here ?


ccmikeAuthor Commented:

It looks like you know your way around.  This was the first time I submitted a question and only the second time I had been in this website.  How do I lock a question so the right person gets the points for the answer?  How do I reject another experts answer?  I was very pleased with wayneb"s answer and want to make sure he gets the points.  Also, I am confused about the options above.  Does the second option "Increase points to 100" mean that I did not offer enough for the original question (original offer - 100 points)?


To be honest, I haven't posted a question yet so I haven't seen the user interface. I do know that many people seem to be confused by it.

The way it works is if a comment is posted, the question remains unlocked but if an answer is posted the question is locked. Once the question is locked, other experts can only post comments.

Once an answer is posted, you can either accept that answer, which awards the points to the answerer or reject that answer to unlock the question and allow others to answer. You can reject an answer if it does not solve your problem, even if the answer is a good answer. If it does solve your problem then accept it and award the points.

If another experts comment solves your problems, you must reject the incorrect answer first and then ask the correct expert to post an answer so you can award him the points. Many experts post potential answers as comments while others post non-answers as answers to steal the points as CEBAKA did in this case.

Concerning the option to increase points, that in no way implies that you haven't offered enough points. It is there for those instances where you feel that the answer that was given was exceptional, exceeding your expectations or if the expert went to an extraordinary amount of effort to solve your problem.

I guess I need to ask a question so I can get a look at the user interface.

Hope that clears things up somewhat. If you have any other questions, let us know.


PS. I understand that a new system is in the works which will allow more than one expert to post answers and the questioner can divide points if they feel several experts contributed to the solution.

It is too late to reject the accepted answer. At this point, your only recourse in awarding the points to the person you feel has earned them is to post a message to Linda Gardner in the Experts Exchange section or email her directly at linda@experts-exchange.com. She has always been very receptive to correcting errors of this type.


Did you realize that you accepted CEBAKA's answer when you made your last post ?

Do you remember which option you chose when you posted your comment ?

ccmikeAuthor Commented:
Tom & Steve,
Thanks for your input.  I did not realize that I awarded the points to CEBAKA!  I am really confused now.  WAYNEB's answer was exactly what I needed.  Thanks for your help, I will e-mail Linda directly and try to straighten this out.

Experts Exchange tries to maintain a professional site where people can get solutions to their problems.  It is not appropriate to post an answer just to get the points to a question. The points assigned to a question should go to the person who provides the best answer to a question.  Make sure when you post an answer that you are providing the answer yourself and not copying someone's answer.

I will post a question in this topic area to award wayneb for his help on this question.  Thanks for your concern in making sure he receives the credit for his answer. In the future make sure the person you want to get the points has the proposed answer when you grade the question.  The option below your question "Reopen question to other experts" rejects the current answer and opens it up so other experts can post answers.

Look for the question in the MS Office topic area directed to you.

Linda Gardner
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Linda Gardner
Customer Service @ Experts Exchange
ThanX anyway
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