Printing a text file

Hi I have to do a project in pascal 7 my project is finished
and it saves a report to a text file, now I would like to write a procedure that will test if the printer is on, on-line, has paper in etc and if all these are true, it must print the text file. I need help urgently!! Please.
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I have never done that, so I only post this as Comment and not as an Anwser, but in TP/BP is a unit called PRINTER.TPU. Just add this to the USES-Clause of your program and see the Documentation about its procedures.
GurkinAuthor Commented:
I don't have the printer.tpu unit do you know where I could get it? maybe you could mail it to me?
ok...give me ur eMail or ICQ
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GurkinAuthor Commented:
my E-mail is :
uhm i couldnt find the file on my HDDs so it probly has to be linked in the TPU Library. Just try to add Printer or Printers in the uses-clause of or program
GurkinAuthor Commented:
thanx i appreciate your help
GurkinAuthor Commented:
omsec I put printer in my uses and there are no problems, now how do I use it????
Here is the code to test if the printer is working and send something to it:

uses printer;
  write (lst, #0);
  if IOResult <> 0 then
    write ('Printer off, not present or not ready')
    write (lst, 'whatever');  {Send the string 'whatever' to the printer}



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GurkinAuthor Commented:
Thanx a million scroll, I really appreciate it......... cheers
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