Power Management BIOS Settings

I have an Award BOIS on Tyan Motherboard, what settings should I use to get WIN 98 suspend to work ?, at the moment it suspends then comes to live again in a few seconds..
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smeebudConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll find your answer at


I'd go thru them all, since we don't know your major hardware and software. It makes a difference.

It really depends on the config of your system.  First of all, try to identify what Bios do you have, there're Plug N play bios and ACPI bios.  Win98's power management works best with the latest ACPI bios.
We really need more info. to be any help...
i.e. Keyboard (USB or PS/2)
mouse (USB, PS/2, serial?)
Chipsets of m/b... etc...
Take a look at this link http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q185/9/49.asp
if you can not reach it then goto
and register first you will then beable to reach the url.
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      Please tell me the vitals your system, ie; cpu make and model,
      How much ram , pci, type of mouse, video adapter, network, what
      kind of Network Adapter, significant software and anything you can
      think of. Operating System and version. Updates, Service Packs.
      Do you have or did have IE4X and ACTIVE DESKTOP?
      There are many variables and we could spend weeks trying to solve
      something while I don't know what we're working with. :)

Most of the time the problem with not suspending correctly is due to drivers that are loaded.  If you have a Sound Blaster they updated there drivers because people were having the same problem your having.  I suggest updating all of you hardware drivers.  

Let me know if this works
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