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"Modem Time Out"  While Down-Loading.

CADMAN asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
{*} The Problem:
-Win98 Gives A "Modem Time Out" Error And Stops Downloading.
{*} Conditions:
-This Usually Happens With Large Files Which Also Means A Loss Of Time In Additon To The File.
-When It Happens, I Still Stay Connected To The ISP, The File DownLoad Just Quits And I Them Get The Dreaded Error.
{*} Previous Actions Taken:
-(A) The Error Condition Happens When The Only Task Going On Is To Download.
-(B) I Have Tried To Download Late A Night When The Servers Should Not Be As Busy But I Still Run Into The Same Hassle.
-(C) I Have Disabled Timed-Auto Disconnect:
         "Disconnect if Idle For 'x' Mins."
This Is Related To Auto Disconnect Of The ISP Not The Modem But It Was One Of The Earlier Problems.
{*} Questions:
Q1 -Is The "Timed Out Disconnect" Related In A Delay From The DownLoad Site (Similar To A Printer Time-Out) ?
Q2 -If So, Where Can I Adjust This Value On My System To A
Higher Value ?
{*} The System:
  (1) Modem --- US-Robotics External Sportster 33.6
  (2) CPU ----- AMD K6-233
  (3) OS ------ Win98
{*} Help !!
-Im Sure This Is A Common Problem.
-Any Suggestions ??
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-Thanks Grizzle For Your Fast Reply
-I Am Going To Give It A Test By Downloading A 8+Mb File.  Your Answer Sounds Very Good I Hope It Works.
-Peace !!
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Changing the MaxMTU and other Network Settings
There are four network settings that can be configured so when dialing to an ISP, you should get
somewhat greater throughput.
They are the MaxMTU, MaxMSS and DefaultRcvWindow, and DefaultTTL
MaxMTU and MaxMSS
2.Go to Hkey_Local_Machine / System / CurrentControlset / Services / Class / netTrans / 000n
(where n is your particular network adapter binding.)
3.Right click on the right panel
4.Select New / String Value
5.Type in MaxMTU
6.Double click on it and enter then the number you want. The usual change is to 576
7.Similarly, you can add MaxMSS and give it a value of 536


Thank You Smeebud For Your Answer.

-You Get The 50 Points.
-Your Answer Was A Lot Of Help In That It Help Me Know That I
 Was Already On The Right Trail.  
-I Had Alread Downloaded The ShareWare Version Of The Utility  
 Which You Suggested: "TweakDun"

-I Can Now Download 8+ Mb Files @ 33.6 Without A Hassle !!
-It Took A While Of Getting Everything "Zeroed In".
 (1} -I Flashed My MB With The Latest BIOS
 (2) -I Flashed My USR Modem With The Latest BIOS
 (3) -I Used "NetLightening" To Tweak The System.
 (4) -I Use "DUNMon" To Monitor The Dial-Up Network Status.


{*} TweakDUN      -Ver:2.10.117
    -Home Page: http://www.pattersondesigns.com/tweakdun/
-The ShareWare Version Is Not Fully Functional And It Cost $15  
 For The Registered Version With All The "Goodies".  

-"TweakDun" Is A Very Nice professionally Written Program With  
 Great Help Files.

{*} MTU Speed Pro
    -Home Page: http://www.mjs.u-net.com/home.htm
-File: mtuspeed410up.exe   -Ver: 4.10  -Rev: 5/20/98
-Size: 160,256   -License: Freeware

-MTUSpeed Pro Version 4.10, works with Win95 and WinNT and
 will now look for Network cards as well as modems.
-Helpful little utility to edit the MTU settings in your
 registry for TCP connections to improve download times
 and transfer speeds overall.
-It includes a "ping" utility as well as the ability to
 quickly edit your modem init strings.

            [** THE TWO UTILITIES I LIKE BEST **]
{1} NetLightening  -Ver: 2.5 (1988) -Size: 1,800K  
    -Home Page: http://netlightening.mknight.w1.net
-Win 95/98 Freeware Never Expires Install & Uninstal
-There Is A "Donation Suggestion" Of $5.00 If You Like It.

-Speed up your internet connection with this handy tool.
-Not only does it change the MTU, RWIN, and TTL.
-It also helps edit your Hosts file to get you to your most
 visited sites quicker.
-Allows back-up of the Windows registry bu the click of a
 button, also a quick back-up of your Hosts file.
-No need to open a DOS window to ping, its built into the
 application, also allows a manual edit feature to edit the
 Hosts file by hand.
-Published by Craig Telesha: mknight@radiolink.net

{2} DUNMon.zip  v1.0b3 (Build 1.00.0051) -Size: 147k Zip file
    -Home Page: http://www.southdown.co.uk/users/jgrieve
-Dial-Up Networking Monitor shows the throughput on Windows 95/98
 Dial-Up Networking and Windows NT RAS connections.
-Dial-Up Networking Monitor shows a graph and statistics of the
 current Dial-Up Networking connection, including the current
 throughput and total, maximium & average bytes sent & recieved.
-Copyright © 1997 Jon Grieve

Thanks for all the information.
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