Water Texture require.

Could anyone here teach me some special effect(not single photoshop filter) to produce water character?
Or you just provide me some colorful water texture instead.
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x30Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Get a pluggin (eye candi, will save you a lot of work)
2. You can make an easy water effect, combining the use of layer trasparenting, ripping filter, and some reflections to add,you can add this reflections to add a more realistic effect on the water. For example a fast and nice water effect:
Take an image what ever you want, if the image have a background or other elementes then clean it, after that take the image and paste it in to a new document, the paste another copy, try to use a black background, the invert horizontally the image, after that, in the inverted image apply a layer mask to it, the apply a ripple effect, and you´ll have a decent water, character, but if you want more specific detail or sample made by me contact me at sgn@acnet.net. Thanks, for your time.
Alejandro Escobedo:

Looking for that to. Is hard to get i guess!

i have 6 water textures to choose from, my e-mail is islitsa@lsu.edu. you can create your own, i tried, but you have got to have very good artistic skills(honestly some artistic background) there is also a standard filter for creating water backgrounds, but the textures i have, i think are of a much higher quality that the ones made inhouse. i will send you textures if you e-mail me.
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KennonAuthor Commented:
Hi Islitsa,
Just send me the texture using my email.

You can use Bryce to create very realistic water textures. Then use KPT 2 or 3 to tile them.
You can also try a combination of the filters, glass, blur and crhome.
If you make 3 textures by this way you can combine the in diferent levels of transparency, and "touch" they with Hue/saturation and level...
The final result will look a little "cyber", you know what i mean.

u interested in a Jave water effect applet?
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