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I have Win 98. I like to turn on the machine, leave and come back to my desktop, but that nasty little startup window appears to ask for a user and password. How do I kill the bugger?
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stevemillerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to Network Neighborhood, and choose windows logon.  When the login appears, hit cancel and ignore it.  If a win95 password login also appears next, cancel it, too.  It will remember this and not log you in.

Go into the network control panel and choose windows logon.  then the nex time it comes up put in a user name but no password.  
flinkyAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I wasn't clear. I want to eliminate that opening window entirely. I don't want to enter a name at all (mine is already there by default). How do I?
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Harley47's right, if you don't set any password to it, window will not prompt you for it.
flinkyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Harley, your answer was correct. Is it a '47 Harley you ride?
flinkyAuthor Commented:
Also, thanks Steve Miller, though Harley should get Steve's points -- I was ignorant of Harley's correctness.
Actually, I inserted an answer here assuming Harley's answer was just not clear enough to you and wanted to make sure you got all the details.  I thought it was a specifics issue which happens a lot around here.

If you want Harley to get some points, simply submit a question for 50 points titled "For Harley only...".  He can answer it and then you give him an A.

that should solve any questions.

You have two ways to avoid the login step on your windows boot, the firs is go to the registry and serach 'Winlogon' set the '0' to '1' and introduce the login passw manually and the second and better is get Tweak98 and configure to do that automatcally ;)


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