Windows Setup Pains

When loading windows 95 from scratch,  I am having almost identical problems to "bacohen".  I tried the solution provided by "rmarotta", belore ever reading the soultion, to no avail.  What I am wondering is, could it posibly be either the motherboard ( this one is a Houston/Acer TXPro 2 w/sound & video on board ), or some other hardware problem or conflict? I am also using a 32x mtrp CD Rom with 64 Mb SDRam.
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wildsyderAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
wildsyderAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
1) who is "bacohen" ?
2) why expert should pay points for determining what question you
 ask ?

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I agree, please post the question you are asking.  I do not think other experts should have to find the problem you have, as well as answering it for you.
Please post a question. Plus
Please tell me the vitals your system, ie; cpu make and model,
How much ram , pci, type of mouse, video adapter, network, what
kind of Network Adapter, significant software and anything you can
think of. Operating System and version. Updates, Service Packs.
Do you have or did have IE4X and ACTIVE DESKTOP?
There are many variables and we could spend weeks trying to solve
something while I don't know what we're working with. :)

wildsyderAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the confusion with the question guys.  This was my first time using this service!!  Hopefully, I'll get better at it with time.

I eventually discovered the answer to my problem.  It appears that the Houston motherboards like EDO RAM better.  As soon as I put 64 Mb of EDO in it, Windows and everything else loaded up like a charm, with no problems!!  Who knew!!!!
wildsyderAuthor Commented:
Hey!!  I almost forgot.  "bacohen" is a registered user here.  I would guess that this is a login name.

Many thanks,

Gord  a.k.a. "wildsyder"
Wildsyder: Do you have any idea how many registered users there are at Experts-Exchange? I don't!

What everybody else means is this: If you don't describe your problem, but just say that it's like "bacohen"'s problem, we'll have to
a) go searching for that problem
b) pay some points so we can take a look at the problem and the answer!

That's why we wanted you to describe your problem here instead of just giving a reference!

That's not asking too much, is it?
why is the question or almost question still on here?
Well this is one why to get some responce.

Sorry fellows.
reject this wild and provide information.


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Yea, But really hoping for a responce.


Plus you might get the points::))

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