refresh second frame with plugin inside

I have 2 frames:
  the first one has some check buttons and a submit button wich activates a CGI
  the second one handles the returned data
my problem:
  after the submit i don't see the data in the second frame because the plugin doesn't refresh in netscape, but in   MSIE it works.
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jbrugmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try JavaScript: or reload the page by recalling it, or reload the frame, or refrech the plugins. Good luck.

function reloadit() {
// use:

// or use

// or use
schnizerAuthor Commented:
Your tips are an improvement:

The javascript "parent.frames[2].location.reload(); "   
works as onclick-event of an input, type=checkbox

But i have 2 problems remaining:

it doesn't work as onsubmit-event of the form
MSIE returns a script error (object doesn't support this method/property)

You mean:

<FORM NAME=form ACTION=etc. onSubmit="reloadit()">

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schnizerAuthor Commented:
yes, i mean this
why not try :
in that case, only the plugins are refreched. Prehaps it works better.
Good luck,

Justus Brugman
schnizerAuthor Commented:
Clearly i have tried "navigator.plugins.refresh();", but it doesn't work.

In the meantime i've found another solution which works:

  I use a "button input" instead of the "submit input" and handle the onClick event
with a Javascript. This Script sets the location explicitly to the CGI-call-string.

Thanks for your help
Reinhold Schnizer

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