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Dogday sewer system help!!!!!

creambuns98 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
HELP!!!, i am lost in the sewers on 'Dogday', and thought that Serg had answered my previous question at last, but i have failed to understand the answer that he has given me!!. I have found the yellow gate and the green gate, but keep going round and round in big circles and am getting absoulutely nowhere very fast!. Please don't send me the walkthru from Marcel's homepage as it of no help whatsoever and i think that i have exhausted all of my options from here on!. What i need is a very detailed description of how to reach the red gate, white gate and blue gate and put myself out of my misery at last!. Thanks!!!!
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U are so exsited when you talk I can hardly understand if you are
sorcastic or serius....

If you tell me what game are you talking about (Dogday? --never heard of it!)
And is it for PC?
 maybe then ill be able to help you


Sorry to be such a pain in the backside Serg, at least you were trying to help and i appreciate that!. Dogday is a PC game from Eyst Productions and i have to admit that it is the most annoying game that i have ever experienced yet. It was only released in September 1997 and is distibuted by Impact Interactive Productions Pty Ltd. It is an Australian game and has proved to be very difficult to solve. Try to look up the lowdown about it on http://www.impact.com and see what you make of it.



Well, i got the email address wrong for the game Dogday, actually it is http://www.impactgames.com.au  SORRY!!



Did it again!!. The address is  http://www.impactgames.com/dogday/welcome.html

Personally Im not too crazy about Australian games that are tough as nails, but for a change I'll download the demo and see for myself.  
Sewer system wouldnt happen to be IN the demo, would it?


No, sorry Serg, the sewer system is not in the demo (i have the demo on a disc) and it only shows you the start of the game basically. Thanks anyway for all your help, i guess i'll just have to keep playing the game and hope for the best!.

Well i guess i can't help here-good luck with the game.
I search for any cheats on the net, but no luck.

If you are too desparate to beat the game i guess u can call
one of the 1-800 numbers (1$ a minute ofcourse)-but i dont think any game really worth wasting money on.


Thanks Serg. You tried to help and that was great. I think i have the answer now, will take some time but i think it will work!.
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Excellent answer. Unfortunately i have already finished the game when you sent me your idea on how to get through the sewer system. We did manage to draw a map and yes it worked very well. At least ST managed to come up with a decent answer for me at last!. Thanks for all your help!.
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