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Title bar will not display in Splitter Window Pane

birosra asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-19
I have a splitter window with 2 panes.
I cannot get the dialog displayed in one of the panes to display a title bar.  I have set the title bar checkbox on the styles tab of the dialog properties but it does not display. (Other properties for the dialog include a thin border and the style as child)
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When you create a dialog resource for a CFormView derived object, there are certain styles that must be set and others that must not be set.  

From MSDN:

Design a dialog template.

Use the dialog editor to design the dialog box. Then, in the Styles and More Styles property pages, set the following properties:

•In the Style box, select Child (WS_CHILD on).
•In the Border box, select None (WS_BORDER off).
•Clear the Visible check box (WS_VISIBLE off).
•Clear the Titlebar check box (WS_CAPTION off).

These steps are necessary because a form view is not a true dialog box.

The form's caption is given by the parent, usually some CFrameWnd-derivative.  In your case, the CSplitterWnd is its parent.  

No matter what you do (short of rewriting windows) you will not get a title bar inside the splitter pane.

That should be my answer, sorry.


Before I give up on this,
Would any others like to comment on Danny's response
(agree or have some magical resolution to the problem):
"No matter what you do (short of rewriting windows) you will not get a title bar inside the splitter pane. "
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What kind of caption will that draw?  Will that draw the old style (Win 3.11, NT 3.51) or the new style (Win 95, NT 4.0)?

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