I want all the standards I need to use to develop Visual Basic 5.0 applications. Could You please provide me with a list?
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gsmothermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are some "general standards" these should get you started.
(follow the links)

Microsoft Consulting Services Naming Conventions for VB

GUI Computing Pty Ltd Visual Basic Programming Standards

Jose's Programming Standards & Guidelines

Hope this helps,
Vinod1959Author Commented:
I need this info very urgently.
Coding Standards or User Interface Standards?

If you're talking about User Interface Standards, a good place to start is:
(After the page is loaded, click "View in Frame")
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What do you mean by standards.  Coding standards are usually determined by where you work.  If it is interface standards, consider purchasing a copy of the Windows Interface Standards Book.
There are two standards Coding standards and User Interface standards. For Coding standards you can look in Programmers guide for Visual Basic Coding Conventions and for user interface check out chapter creating the User Interface. These are Basic guidelines. Allthough each company has it's own coding standards but above stated are the basic standards.

Vinod1959Author Commented:

The leads you have are very good. Thanks
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