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Emdedding an app within Delphi application

Ogunbo asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
I will like to include an .exe application to be run within my D3 application.  Please help!
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Hi Ogunbo,

 What do you exaclty want :

 Starting .exe from delphi program and receiving the error-codes? or ?...

If you want to run another .exe from your Delphi app you might be wanting to use the Win API call CreateProcess (for 32 bit apps - the 16 bit version was WinExec).

The description is in the Win32s.hlp file.

Be sure to include windows in your uses clause.  And you can see the Pascal function declaration in \source\rtl\win\windows.pas.  (My apologies if you already know this).
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In second example use your application names and path.if CreateProcess() returns -1 uses GetLastError function to find out the reason of the failure

Also you can use ShellExecute, ShellExecuteEx

Still, we don't know exactly what Ogunbo wants.


Thank you all folks.  I will appreciate a real example of what the source should look like.  I have a database application made in D3 and I used another program to create an exe file.  Actually, this exe.file is an expert system that uses the same table as my database.  Since I couldn't program an expert system in Delphi, I am wondering if I can use the already made expert system (.exe file) in my database application.  Such that a user of the database might click a button called "expsys" for the expert system to be run.  In a way it would look like I am using D3 as an interface for the expert system.  Well, this is my problem and will appreciate what my unit should look like.  Thank you.
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