Runtime DLL files

What runtime dll files are needed to execute  a MFC applicaton  on a new  Win95  PC.(which does not VC+ + installed).

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tma050898Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on the version of VC you are using, there is a file called something like "redist*.*" that is installed when you install VC. This file contains the information you need. Use the wildcards to find the exact name of the file. I would tell you mine, but since I'm using VC6 the names might not match.
rkpalliAuthor Commented:
I am using VC 5. I hope my question was clear. I have application
build using MFC. I want to run it on a Win95 system ( a brand new). Which  DLL files that I need to copy run EXE file on
that new system.

I could not located REDIST*.* FILE. I have full VC5.00 installed
on my machine.


Give me a sec and I'll check on my VC5 CD...
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There's a \DEVSTUDIO\VC\REDIST folder on the cd that contains a file called redistrb.wri. That should be the one you need.
BTW, I just checked another box where I do have VC5 installed and the file is not on that box either. I guess you are expected to retrieve it from the CD.
rkpalliAuthor Commented:
Here is answer :

try to run :


It will display all dependent DLL files
While being logical, your solution will not work.

1) You are only legally able to distribute the files that MS states you can in the redist file.
2) Some of these files require additional setup procedures that won't be accomplished by simply copying the files.

You need to read the redist file. That's why Microsoft puts it on the CD.


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