W98 keeps detecting hardware and rebooting

I'm trying to install W98 but it keeps detecting new hardware - installing the drivers - rebooting. Even when I re-run the Setup it always loops in that process I described. It doesn't signal any missing file.
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Have you tried skipping all files? Once you have done this go into controll panel, check for conflicts and then install the origional drivers from the manufacturers. You do this by Start menu> settings> controll panel> system> device manager> and then  update drivers for anything in unknown devices you do this by double clicking on each one and choosing drivers> update then search from source, insert the driver disk or CD ROM and check the CD ROM box and choose the relevant driver.
Is this an upgrade or a full OEM CD?

abdoudiawAuthor Commented:
It is an upgrade.
What I noticed is that the HD seems to have bad sectors because now I'm getting the message "registry Repair Results: ... successfully fixed". Maybe I should just get a new HD.
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Try running scandisk with the thorough option.  Normally it just checks the usual stuff.  If you're using the DOS version,  I think it's SCANDISK <drive> /SURFACE
try fdisk, format install win98, do not install win95 1st
then if still got problem return win98 to bill gates and use win95
when it adds something and asks if you want to reboot, do you say yes immediately?  If so, try saying no until its finished, THEN reboot after it's detected everything...
What hardware is it finding?
Take the dust cover off your computer and see that all your cards are firmly seated.

Also, whatever hardware it's finding, remove it from Device Manager [checkig for conflicts while you're there] then run you hareware wizard from windows.

> What I noticed is that the HD seems to have bad sectors
> because now I'm getting the message "registry Repair Results:
>  ... successfully fixed". Maybe I should just get a new HD.

You are misinterpreting this error-message!
A new HD is _NOT_ needed.

Say that you were running a program which was writing to a file
on your HD, and you turned your computer off.
When you restart, you will see that the file is "damaged",
i.e., logically-inconsistent, and/or logically-incomplete,
but there is nothing *PHYSICALLY* "bad" about the recording-
surfaces on your HD.

In this case, Windows is writing to the file named 'registry',
and then rebooting without properly "closing" the file.

With the boot-time PnP dialogs, it is okay to click cancel wherever you see such a button in order to skip the action W98 is trying to shove down your throat.  Next boot the dialog will be back, but that's better than a reformat (boot into DOS and use scandisk as suggested earlier).

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