CD-ROM "not accessible. drive not ready"

cd was working fine.  playing audio cd, then all of a sudden  no more sound.  since then, the busy light just blinks whenever the drive is opened and closed with a disk in it.

get "not accessible. drive not ready" msg whenever try to view contents of that drive.

get "buffer miscompare" error with scsi diagnostics.

just before it stopped working, i closed a unix shell window  while using the EXCEED pc x-server.

i have a pentium 100, win95, & pinnacle micro recordable cd drive with a 1540CP adaptec card.

since the drive and configuration have been working fine for 2 years, has the drive gone bad, gotten dirty...?
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rosscoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before you go ahead and buy a new drive, you might just check that the scsi cable is pushed fully over the pins on the dive and on the scsi controller.
alj070998Author Commented:
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You might try buying a cleaning kit...
But, honesly, with your description it sounds like the drive has gone bad..sorry.

If your drive is two yaers old it sounds like a good excuse to get that new 32X you've been wanting ;-]

John C. Cook
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uh that should have been "years" old
alj070998Author Commented:
thanks, john.  was afraid of that.  :-(  will get it cleaned, first.

btw, Device Manager reports no resources conflicts.  is this just all the more evidence of a physical problem with the drive?
I have to agree with John, your drive is bad, i've seen it before. If you can't use any type of cd in your cdrom then it's bad. I've seen cdroms that when playing music would skip tracks uncontrollably but would use a data cd without a problem.

Are the SCSI adapter and CDROM listed correctly in Device Manager?  Any other SCSI devices installed?
Please post your autoexec.bat & config.sys files here.
Hmmmm, I haven't seen a 32x recordable drive yet......

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