How to use rdisk /s from other nt4server?

I have 2 nt4servers ,one is local and another is remote.  Can I make emergency repair disk of the remote server? I'd like to keep security, privilege and config of nt4  so I use rdisk /s. Is there another way to keep them ?

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There is a tool in the Resource Kit named Remote Command Service (RCMD.EXE). You have to install a service on the remote server and a client on your PC. Now you can open a DOS-Box on your PC and every command entered, will be executed on the remote server.
Tell me, if you don´t have the RK.

There is also a commercial program (I don't remember the name on top of my head), which, when installed on a server, is able to collect RDISK data from other servers / workstations and save them a central place.
I can find the name if you like..
The product I think you are talking about is ERDisk.  It was featured in the July edition of NT magazine (p. 104).  It allows you to create emergency repair disks for multiple machines all from the comfort of your own desktop.  Goto the following URL for more information:
Yep, you are right cyrusl...
If you have the scheduler service running on the remote server, use the AT command (or the soon command if you have the RK) to schedule rdisk /s- on the remote server.  This will backup the registry to the REPAIR directory, which you should be backing up with scheduled backups?
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