Adding data to a table

What is the quickest way to add data to an sql table. In jet, I would do the following
do while !eof(source)
tbl!fld1 = data1
tbl!fld2 = data2

I am not sure how to do this in SQL efficiently. I am doing it with a SQL RDO and opening an rdoresultset, and using the same procedure outlined above, but it is **very** slow.  I am not sure what direction to take.
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Victor SpiridonovDatabase DirectorCommented:
use insert into table_name (col1,col2...) VALUES (val1,val2...)

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Victor SpiridonovDatabase DirectorCommented:
You do not need to open recorset to do that you can execute it as pass-through query.
redbaron082997Author Commented:
Ok, but how would it work in a scenario that I am reading a text file (warning* it is very huge. Every day I am adding 100,000 records), and adding those values, to the table?
right now, I do the following
readNextLine( inFile,InText)
db.fld1 = getfld(1,inText)
db.fld2 = getfld(2,intext)

I am increasing the points. Thanks
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redbaron082997Author Commented:
Would a stored procedure be worth it? Since this is a task that is done every single day, and generally the information that needs to be added is available only 1 hr before the time that it is needed,I need to optimize everything!!! Thanks
Victor SpiridonovDatabase DirectorCommented:
If you are reading from text file you should look at using bcp programm which is designed to load text data into SQL server it is console (text) mode program and it will be the fastest solution to use , much faster then any insert.
redbaron082997Author Commented:
I have been looking at that ,and you are right. Much faster. Is there any way to implement this kind of speed without using BCP? are the SQL calls available to VB that BCP is using?
Victor SpiridonovDatabase DirectorCommented:
BCP is using a set of DB-library functions created specificly for the  purpose of loading text files,I'm not sure if you can use them from VB. You probably should ask such question in VB area.
redbaron082997Author Commented:
Thanks for the help!!
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