EOleSysErr on other computers

Hi there,

I wrote a program that uses some HTTPclient patch. On computers with Delphi it runs perfectly, but on other
Win95 machines it raises an EOleSysErr: Class not installed. After searching i found i had to include 3 DLL files
and a ocx file (belonging to the HTTPclient) to be placed in the Windows/System directory. Still after copying
these DLL files and an OCX file to the win/sys dir it does raise the same error. In the helpfiles i found something about a regsvr32.exe program that would register the DLLs in the windows registry (regsvr32.exe /s NAME.dll). I can't just expect everybody to know they have to run regsvr32.exe before running the program. regsvr32.exe seems normally to be in the windows/system dir also. I use Install Shield version 1.11 for Borland 3.0. How do i run
regsvr32.exe after installing automatically? Is there an other solution?
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vladikaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try it

Your OCX file must have corresponding PAS file to import it in Delphi
Find it PAS file.
Assume its name is HTTPClient_TLB.pas

In this file you can see for example
  THTTPClient = class(TOleControl)

You have to override constructor
1) add in public section
  constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;

2) in implementaion section add

constructor THTTPClient.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
  // at first register ocx
  RegisterComServer('YOU OCX NAME'); // for example httpclient.ocx
  inherited Create(AOwner);

3) recompile package and project

1. You could make a batchfile, call it install :

 1. Running the installer
 2. running regsvr32.exe

Isn't this an easy and convenient solution?

I'll answer it, if you don't like it just reject it :

Make a .bat file (like in the old dos)

 1. Run installer
 2. run all registry stuff

end .bat file.

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Another solution is using another installer, this one for instance : totally freeware and I find it really good. Only, you've to write the script yourself, but somebody is making a freeware wizard script maker, so ... the world keeps turning around (luckely) ;-) :

With this you can install DLL, OCX.


Your OCX file must export
function DllRegisterServer: HResult; stdcall;

To register your OCX, I think, you must call this function

scheikoAuthor Commented:
Dear Zifnab,

I really don't know if this works. It certainly works if the installer program doesn't prompt for restart after the installation, but after changing the registry the installer program usually prompts for restart (not executing the regsvr32 part) which leaves me with the same problem.
scheikoAuthor Commented:
I'll try the URL you gave me and see if that works out for me...

Thanks *grijns*
Scheiko, you are right... forgot about the restart of the computer. Then we should find another solution....

. sometimes they do this :

They alter the autoexec.bat, in this case you should add your regsvr32 commands to it. And somthing which will remove the commands when they are done.

you can do this by making a little program which does this all and then you only have to add this program name in the autoexec.bat

Zif. grijns -> Belgian? Dutch?

procedure RegisterComServer from ComObj.pas

As you can notice it call DLLRegisterServer which export your OCX

Should also be possible like vladika proposes. I thought it was only possible to do this with COM, not with OCX or DLL.
Where are you?
I do not want autograde.

Scheiko, where are you?
Reject my answer, I do not want autograde.

I had the same problem in distributing a program with
an Active-X component.
However when I used InstallShield that shipped with
D3, I made a separate files group and called it 'OCX SUPPORT'.
I then listed the DLL's in this group and InstallShield Automatically
Registered all the DLL's when my program was installed.
I would imagine that this would fix your problem also.

scheikoAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys,

I still didn't solve the problem, but i'll try the OCX tips by Vladika and JStan. If that's not satisfactory to me i'll try another installer (the freeware one on http://www.connect.net/jordanr/isinfo.htm came up with an error when i tried to install it.......) I've been abroad for some time (that's why i didn't react). Thanks y'all!


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