Mathmatics Problem in C

Does anyone have a sample C program that involves solving a problem using the simplex tableau?  I have a program that doesn't do the the job properly and need a sample to compare to.
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altenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CHeck out the book "Numerical Recipies", you can choose from
Fortran, Pascal or C-versions. It  has the Simplex method too.
There is a complete collection of online math libs at:
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bunkersAuthor Commented:
        Your urls were ok for executables and processing of somebody else's app, I would really like to see a nuts and bolts C code sample to help me determine where my computations are failing or are incomplete.  Thanks for your help.
I do not think you can find a C code in this topic. I have made a lot of surf on the internet about the math libs when I compile my homepage. I think you want the program for comparing the results.

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