USR Winmodem drivers?

Win98 isn't detecting my modem and the standard modem drivers won't work.  Anyone know where some 98 compatiable drivers for the WinModem are?
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Check to see if the modem has been detected in 'Unknown device', if so delete it and have the driver diskette ready when you reboot the PC

Check the jumpers on the card if it is not PnP.

If it is new and suspect if it works at all try it on another machine or proceed with a warrenty call.

That modem should have come with a Win95 driver CDROm or disk.  That driver is also still compatible with Win98.  If you don't have the driver, you need to go to and get it there.  USR was purchased by 3COM, which is why you go there.  You can even download the Modem Upgrade Wizard which is great for updateing the modems firmware code.

Once you get the driver, you can add it by doing the Add Hardware function in the control Panel and instead of having win98 search for it, you specify the modem and tell it you have a disk or location of the INF file (driver ID file) and it will run the driver installation.

BTW, USR modem support is still at, so look for it there.
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HoseheadAuthor Commented:
I tried that.  Win98 couldn't find a driver on the disk.
Have you selected the correct path and INF file on the disk.  those disks tend to not be entirely clear and Windows doesn't always find it.  Look in explorer at the disk and find the INf files.  when you are then prompted the the disk, tell it the name of the INF file and where it is located on the disk.

I find it hard to believe that, "out-of-the-box",
Windows 98 will *NOT* support the US Robotics WinModem ???

What was Microsoft thinking (if anything)
when they released Windows 98?
It does support it, but if he wants the driver exactly by name instead of the Windows98 default driver for it, he needs to locate it on his USR driver disk or CDROM and choose it.  Otherwise he should use the standard driver Win98 wants him to use.

HoseheadAuthor Commented:
98 is detecting the modem as just a "U. S. Robotics, Inc. Modem".  It doesn't have a driver for that modem.

Steve GronerLead Systems EngineerCommented:
I know you probablky do not have a Dell machine but try this site anyway, they have the drivers you are looking for and they are not only for Dell Machines.

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Please describe "the standard modem drivers won't work".

What happens?
What does not happen?
When you look at the "properties" for the modem,
within Control Panels, what values are being used?
Have you entered BIOS-setup mode,
and disabled the motherboard's "COM2" port?
HoseheadAuthor Commented:
When I go into control panel I test the modem by doing the more info button.  All I get is a series of clicks from the modem and Win98 saying something is wrong.  It is reporting that the modem is on com5.
I haven't tried to disable the motherboard's other com ports, I will try that.
I have a gateway PII 300, with USR 336000 WinModem. Can forward these files as required.
HoseheadAuthor Commented:
Yeah, if they are for 98 that would be great, forward them to:, that is my friends account.  Thanks!

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