Low level formatting with OS8.1 and filesharing

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rickyrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does that mean that I get a grade then, Jim?????
All MacOS 8.1 computers must have:
a unique TCP/IP addr
AppleTalk ON
the same version of the AppleShare Extension
the same version of the Chooser
only one Chooser installed on each
remove the ObjectSupportLib (integrated into MacOS 8.1)
FileSharing ON (only those that will serve files)

Also, you cannot exceed the number of IP addr's supported by your switch (per port). Recommend that you remove all machines but 2 for testing purposes. When they can successfully talk to each other, add another machine (and so on) until you get a failure. The clones may not behave like real Macs on the network (even though they are supposed to...many networking problems have been traced to the clones).

In addition, you should be aware that Microsoft makes junk. Their "System Folder Litter" is the root of many problems. Some of their Libraries cannot be turned off and must be removed manually. recommend that you turn off all non-essential extensions and control panels until the problem(s) have been isolated.

-good luck
Since it is only the newly installed computers that are having the problems.....
Did you click on the HD's on these Macs then take the File Menu down to Sharing,
where you specify Share this item and its contents,
JimS071098Author Commented:
Doh! Well it's always something looking you in the face. rickyr is right and that fixed it. Thanks mucho!
JimS071098Author Commented:
Thanks again!
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