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lock up 95 and 98 Explorer

kulesk asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
Everytime I seem to run Explorer4.0 under win95 or win98 my box completely locks up (control alt delete does nothing).  When I boot and it scandisks, it sometimes finds errors on the disk, sometimes it doesn't.  When I run Netscape 4.0 the problems don't occure.
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Edited text of question

Are you dual-booting? Running Windows 95 and 98 on the same computer?

Service pk 1 is available for ie40 to address problems like this among other problems.  Please update your system with it.
Try the link below, if you can not get to it then try.  There is not a patch for sp1 but an entire download of product. About 10 megs.



If you are running a dual boot like aliebrah asked on the same drive you will have problems as this is not a supported setup.  Files tend to mix up in the program files directory and such.
Your best bet is to download the new 4.01 version od Internet Explorer and install it.  If that works, tell me to post this as the answer----



I am not running 95 and 98, just 98.  The problem was happening under both operating systems though.  I will try the suggestions and post my conclusion.  Thanks.

I'd just like to add: I'm running an OEM version of Win98 with MSIE 4.72.3110 and MSIE comes up with the error Problems with Internet Explorer extensions. Netscape runs fine however. Irony or what? The new Win98 with integrated MSIE runs better with Netscape 4.03 - don't tell Bill or the DOJ!!!


I am running '98's version of MSIE which is newer than 4.01 so that won't work.  The problem occured consistantly when I went to www.zdnet.com (I don't know if this helps).

There must be a java app or script on zdnets page that your system or browser does not like.  The build that you want to run is 4.72.3110.8 goto help and then about and tell the version of ie4.


     Before you do anything, check your security settins in IE4.  Open up IE4, select view\internet options\security.  Play around with the settings, this might solve your problems.  


The security setting did nothing.  When my system locks up, the mouse can not be moved and when cntrl-alt-del is pressed, the screen goes black (it never recovers).
I have a 5.1 Gig drive partitioned in 5 drives c-g.  I don't know if this helps.
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kbp, my operating system drive was already FAT32, but reinstalling '98 over '95 still did nothing.  I then realized, I probably have a corrupted .dll.  So, I reformatted my drive and installed '98 fresh.  This worked, no problems since.
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